Wunderkammer: summer programme for the CHOTS reading group

Wunderkammer is a history of science reading group run by the Centre for the History of the Sciences. For those who don’t already know, it is held fortnightly during term time, usually on odd weeks. We meet in the back room of the Unicorn Pub on St Dunstan’s at 17:30. Here is the programme for the summer term. Some readings are available online, but hard copies of all of them are made available in the office of the School of History. All are welcome to come along. Contact me if you have any questions or problems in getting hold of the readings.

13 May (Week 25): Science in the First(?) Media Age (introduced by Charlotte Sleigh)


27 May (Week 27): Geomythology (introduced by Joydeep Sen)

  • Adrienne Mayor, The First Fossil Hunters: Paleontology in Greek and Roman Times (Princeton University Press, 2000), Introduction and Chapter 1, pp. 3-10, 15-53.
  • W. Bruce Masse, Elizabeth Wayland Barber, Luigi Piccardi and Paul T. Barber, ‘Exploring the Nature of Myth and its Role in Science’, in Luigi Piccardi and W. Bruce Masse (eds), Myth and Geology (Geological Society of London, 2007), pp. 9-28.


10 June (Week 29): Rethinking Gentlemen & Technicians in the Early Royal Society (intro by Noah Moxham)

  • Mordechai Feingold, ‘Robert Hooke: Gentleman of Science’, in Michael Cooper and Michael Hunter (eds), Robert Hooke: Tercentennial Studies (Ashgate, 2006), pp. 203-217.
  • Michael Hunter, Robert Boyle: Between God and Science (Yale University Press, 2009) [pages TBC].