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Peter Spacek’s Homepage

About me

I am currently doing my PhD under supervision of Dr Clélia Pech at the University of Kent, in Canterbury (UK). Before, I have done my Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Amsterdam,

My current research concerns mirror symmetry for cominuscule homogeneous spaces, especially for those of type E6 (the Cayley plane) and E7 (the Freudenthal variety).



  • Laurent polynomial Landau-Ginzburg models for cominuscule homogeneous spaces, to appear in Transformation Groups (

External Talks

  • Mini-workshop “Superpotentials in algebra and geometry” (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, Germany), 25/02/20:
    Laurent polynomial potentials for cominuscule homogeneous spaces
  • Conference “Géométrie Algébrique en Liberté” (U. of Bucharest, Romania), 21/06/19: Introducing Mirror Symmetry for Homogeneous Spaces
  • Workshop “Tropical Geometry meets Representation Theory II” (U. of Leicester), 11/04/19: Introducing Mirror Symmetry for Homogeneous Spaces
  • Junior Algebraic Geometers’ Seminar (U. of Warwick), 22/10/18: Mirror Symmetry for Homogeneous Spaces
  • Workshop “Cluster Algebras and Algebraic Geometry” (U. of Nottingham), 13/07/18: Constructing a Mirror for the Cayley Plane
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Recent Conferences & Workshops

  • COW/EmSG/GLEN joint summer school, online, 07-11/09/20
  • Workshop “Mirror Symmetry and Cluster Algebras”, U. of Cambridge, UK, 15-18/07/19
  • GAeL Conference, U. of Bucharest, Romania, 17-21/06/19
  • “4th British Algebraic Geometers Meeting”, U. of Liverpool, UK, 24-26/04/19
  • Workshop “Tropical Geometry meets Representation Theory II”, U. of Leicester, UK, 08-12/04/19
  • Conference “Mirrors in the Midlands”, U. of Birmingham, UK, 01-03/04/19
  • Workshop “Geometry and Mathematical Physics”, Loughborough U., UK, 27-30/03/19
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