August News RoundUp

We celebrate a prestigious government appointment, say goodbye to a giant of Russian politics and roll our sleeves up in Transcontinental Europe. All in our monthly RoundUp.

New Soviet Era

Shaking Things Up

  • Professor Matthew Goodwin has been appointed a Social Mobility Commissioner by the UK Government where he hopes to bring about real change. Read his recent piece about the next Prime Minister in The Spectator that begins ‘The wheels are coming off the Conservative party’ here.

Transcontinental Express

  • From the cobbles of Flanders, to the shores of the Black Sea; via rock hewn tunnels, bald mountain tops Dr Nadine Ansorg has spent her summer break on this rigorous bike ride across Europe. Read about her triumph here.

“Everything always works out”

  • Recent graduate Jada Spence found a place to study with us through clearing. Read her story here.

Measuring Nuances

  • In Dr Paolo Dardanelli‘s latest study he develops a metric for assessing how far power is decentralised across different scales. Read here.

International News

Red Pill or Blue Pill?

  • Enter the Institute of Cyber Security for Society‘s photo competition all about society’s increasing reliance on technology and the infrastructures that lay hidden beneath the surface. The myriad miles of fibreoptic cables, the banks of servers, the lofty data centres, and the ever-encircling satellites, are forever making sure that we can scroll on TikTok at 4am. Enter the competition by September 30th!


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