Living, Learning and Connecting in Cyberspace; the ICSS Photography Competition 2022

Use your camera or other image-capturing device, to capture a moment that tells a story and perhaps win a prize!

This Institute of Cyber Security for Society competition welcomes photograph submissions that engage with the human experiencing of cyberspace and its interconnected hardware and software. Use your camera or other image-capturing device – whether SLR, polaroid, smartphone camera, webcam, Game Boy® pocket camera – to capture a moment that tells a story about living, learning and connecting in cyberspace.

We increasingly rely upon networked technologies and the internet infrastructures upon which these rely; the myriad miles of fibreoptic cables, the banks of servers, the lofty data centres and the ever-encircling satellites. However, these integral systems are often unseen, overlooked, and sometimes intentionally concealed. Additionally, the software and hardware that we see in our everyday environments – laptops, desktops, smartphones, smart devices and so forth – are often so entrenched in our way of being that we overlook our reliance upon them until they stop functioning; a power cut, server downtime, an empty battery.

The competition is open to University of Kent students, staff, and the general (UK) public*. The theme of the competition – interpreted broadly – is ‘Living, Learning and Connecting in Cyberspace’. Entrants have the chance to win a range of prizes, in the form of Amazon vouchers.

Submitted photographs will be judged for up to 26 prizes in 3 categories (Kent staff, Kent students and non-Kent participants):

  • 3 Best Overall Photo Prizes (one per category, £100 Amazon voucher per prize),
  • 3 Most Creative Photo Prizes (one per category, £100 Amazon voucher per prize), and
  • 20 runner-up prizes (5 for Kent staff, 5 for Kent student, and 10 for non-Kent participants; £20 Amazon voucher per prize).

The deadline for submissions has been extended to October 31st. Submit here


*If you are not a member of staff or a student of the University of Kent, you will be asked to confirm that you are a UK resident to be eligible for the competition.