First rehearsal in the new concert-hall: the conductor’s view

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Last night saw the first opportunity for the University Symphony Orchestra to rehearse in the new concert-hall; conductor and Director of Music, Susan Wanless, reflects on the occasion.

Excitement and emotions ran high at the Symphony Orchestra’s first rehearsal in the Hall on Thursday evening. The first thing we did was play through Nimrod from the Enigma Variations and, from the very first bars, we knew we had a very special rehearsal space and that we could leave the ghastly acoustics of Eliot Hall behind for ever more. I confess that I got somewhat overwhelmed that this was all really happening at last, and I know that a few tears were also shed amongst the players. Then it was down to business for a great rehearsal – and no-one had to put any percussion away, fold stands or stack chairs at the end – hooray!

Now all that remains is for the University Chorus to rehearse here on Monday, and all the current ensembles will have tried out the new space. Stand by…

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