In the Picture: the new term gets underway with Mussorgsky

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With music-making at the University now in full swing, last week it was the turn of the University Symphony Orchestra. Here’s conductor Susan Wanless’ impression of the first rehearsal…


Last Thursday saw the first rehearsal of this year’s Symphony Orchestra. Following their scarey auditions at the weekend, the successful (and relieved) woodwind and brass players joined the strings to begin learning Mussorgsky’s virtuosic orchestra work, Picture at an Exhibition.

We played through some of the movements which proved very exciting… and very loud! This year there are talented players in every single section of the orchestra,with a full complement of student brass players, double bassists, timpanist and harpist. So it bodes well for a spectacular first concert in December!

Keep up to date with Orchestra here on ‘Playing Up’ throughout the term: more soon…

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