Brief update from the Jungle

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This is going to be a very quick update as I am going back into the jungle at 8am tomorrow morning! Things are going swimmingly, I am having a great time and the research is going very well. I even had some time to help on the other surveys the bats was very interesting and got some great photos. I have been out for a month with the DICE undergraduate students who have been working on their dissertation projects, they have all work incredibly hard and got some amazing data as well as thoroughly making the most out of the experience.

I have spent two weeks back at the first site I worked at PV2 which has been very interesting to see how the diversity of frogs changes from high flooding to lower flooding and will continue to collect data as the water levels drop further. We have found some very interesting species including some salamanders and a few frogs which I have yet to identify. I am getting better and better with my identification skills and have had a few Peruvian students who are interested in amphibians and have been helping me with the identification and frog catching.

The water levels have dropped dramatically over the few months that I have been here the transects which I was canoeing just over a month ago are now walk able and have banks down to the river! Right I meant it when I said this would be a quick update as I am getting up at 7am tomorrow to head back to the jungle and its currently midnight so am going to upload a few photos then head to bed!


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