Research Expeditions

The main location where my research will be conducted is Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, the largest protected reserve in Peru. The reserve spans 2000 kmĀ² of tropical rainforest, 92% of which is low lying flooded forest known as varzea. This flooded forest is an ever changing environment and for 4-6 months of the year up to 85% of the whole reserve can be underwater. There are two major rivers along the boundary of the reserve the Ucayali and the Maranon. Where these two meet at the start of the reserve is considered to be the Amazon proper. The following are photos taken within Pacaya-Samiria:

None of this research would be possible without the amazing work undertaken by Amazon Eco, Earthwatch, Operation Wallacea, and many other organizations who work together within Peru to undertake research expeditions.

Amazon Eco offers the chance to undertake research in the Loreto area of Peru supplying research vessels and local guides. As well as offering the opportunity for students to undertake research in this area Amazon Eco undertakes ongoing monitoring of many different species within the reserve, this includes, terrestrial mammals, the two river dolphin species, caiman, macaws, monkeys, fish, turtles and wading birds. Throughout my PhD I will be joining Earthwatch, Operation Wallacea and DICE research expeditions. I will be assisting with the amphibian projects, as well as taking part in other reserarch in the area.

Providing Boats and Expedition Logistics for
Conservation and Research Projects in the Peruvian Amazon
AmazonEco provides boats and logistical support for expeditions and projects to some of the remotest regions in the Peruvian Amazon. Services are provided to Non-governmental Organizations, Students, Volunteers, Universities, Schools, and Film Crews, among others.


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