The Human Experience Gallery

The Human Experience arts exhibition and competition held on 20 March, organised by students, and sponsored by Kent Law School.


Below is summary of the event written by one of the student organisers (Sikemi Okunrinboye, Kent Law School):

“Months of planning finally came into fruition on the 20th of March when guests, students and staff gathered in the Colyer-Fergusson Hall at the Gulbenkian for a night of music, spoken word, visual art, and photography. The event marked the second volume of the Human Experience – an art exhibition and competition, established by students and sponsored by Kent Law School, to give students a platform to express themselves and to celebrate our student community.

This year, we thought that after the lockdowns and experiencing life in a way that we had not done before, many of us were discovering and re-discovering ourselves. Thus, we chose the theme of ‘Identity and Self’, asking students to show us who they are and what matters to them.

The talent shown during the event was nothing short of what we expected – students expressed themselves in different forms of visual and performance art with outstanding applauses time after time.

That night, we had over 200 people sit in the hall and appreciate students, their talent, hard work and the stories they wanted to tell in whatever form they chose. We could not have asked for a better audience, who gave every form of encouragement when things didn’t go as planned or when stage fright seemed to kick in here and there.

I am personally forever grateful for what I hope continues for years to come – an evening to just take a step back, live in the present, appreciate art and life in the forms people have the courage to show us.”


Video Guide to the Event