Call for submissions – Art Competition/Exhibition The Human Experience vol. 2: Identity and the Self

Sponsored by Kent Law School

The Afro-Diasporic Legal Network and Kent People of Colour Arts Society are pleased to invite all Kent students to send in their submissions for an art exhibition and competition based on the theme of ‘identity and the self’.

Art has always played a special role in fostering community amongst people, especially those from differing backgrounds. Last year, we launched The Human Experience exhibition with the theme of ‘Know Justice, No Peace’ which recognised that art had the ability to bridge gaps and bring together people fighting for similar causes, and thus at the forefront of activism, or “artivism”. The exhibition showed how art worked as a mechanism to amplify the voices of those who may otherwise not be heard. The intention behind the exhibition was to show how art can allow people to push boundaries, communicate their struggles, and change the narratives around many social issues.


This year, we examine a different aspect of art and our connection to it as a means of self-expression and creativity, highlighting the beauty of ourselves and our surroundings. With that in mind, we present to you ‘The Human Experience Vol. 2: Identity and the Self.’ The theme was chosen because we believe that a major step towards causing change is realising the power and beauty that we hold as individuals. We must look within and gather the strength and courage we need to have the lives we want because each and every one of us is capable.

The exhibition/competition is open to all students. We particularly encourage students of colour to submit artworks that centre around their experiences on campus, the beauty they hold on the inside and the outside, how they view themselves and their creativity, thus providing a critical opportunity for self-reflection and discovery, and for unleashing the power they hold.

Artworks can be submitted in the forms of:
Visual art including photography, videography, painting, drawings, and others.
Performance art including spoken word, dance, vocal and instrumental music, and others.

The works submitted needs to engage with the theme of ‘identity and the self’:

Identity captures our personalities, beliefs, qualities, and ideas. It allows us to be multidimensional and unique as we mould into different spaces and belong to and relate with different groups of people. It is who we are, the things we hold dear to our heart, what we can do. So, tell us: “Who are you?” through any of the sub-themes below:
• Injustice: Discrimination, Gender inequality, those are but a few of the injustices and disparities we face in our lives time and time again. They are not who we are but part of our experiences, and our experiences shape our beliefs, our lives.
• Creativity: How is creativity a part of your life? Tell us a story! Anything that shows us who you are. For instance, despite the impact of injustice on our lives, many of us use art as escapism – creating work that provides a safe space, one that disconnects us from everything going on in the world.
• Culture: People make culture, and our culture helps shape us. Talk to us about your culture and how you or your tribe may have influenced it, or how it has influenced you. Let us see the beauty within your culture, or even how you struggle with it.

The Self
What we want to see is who you are and what you want to show the world. What have you wanted to say; what is important to you; or what peak into your life do you want us to see? Look inwards and dig deep and see what you are capable of – because there is so much we are capable of. And yet a crucial step is looking inwards and finding that drive.

Submissions will be accepted until Tuesday 8 March 2022.

The visual artworks will be publicly exhibited in the Gulbenkian and on an online platform.

Students who submit performance artworks will be invited to perform their pieces during a public event organised to showcase and celebrate our students’ artistic and creative talents. The event is due to take place in the Gulbenkian on the 20th of March 2022.

The competition will be judged by representatives from both Kent Law School and the societies involved. Winners will be awarded prizes in the categories of:
• Best Submission for Painting or Illustration
• Best Submission for Photography and Videography
• Best Submission for Performance
• People’s Choice

→ To submit your artworks please click here.
If you have any questions, please email the organisers at