Our Champion

The network benefits from senior representation at the highest level possible, with the University’s Vice Chancellor Professor Karen Cox acting as the network’s Champion.

Professor Cox said, “I am pleased to be the EG champion for the LGBT staff network.  I look forward to working with the network to advance equality of opportunity for everyone and promoting and supporting the activities of colleagues who are committed to making the network a success and creating a supportive environment for all who work at our University.”

All Executive Group (EG) members have made a public commitment to the principles of equality and inclusivity by taking on the role of EDI champions. This includes a joint commitment to eliminating discrimination, advancing equality of opportunity, fostering good relations, and supporting the continued development of positive cultural messages across the entire University community.

EG members collectively:

  • Recognise that while no one person can personally drive every equality initiative, Executive Group members leading from the front is one of the most effective means of advancing the EDI agenda within the University.
  • Believe that their visible support of EDI will help to dissuade any possible opponents to the University’s key messages of inclusion, diversity and equality.
  • Are firmly committed to the development of staff and students and to the creation of a community of inclusivity, including the support of organisational practices that benefit all – men and women alike – across all equality strands.
  • Recognise that the University wishes to draw on talent from all sections of the population and therefore must create workplaces where everyone can be themselves. They also understand that when inclusive conditions don’t exist, the productivity of staff is directly affected.
  • Are committed to considering the possible impact of practices on the particular areas that they champion as they undertake their daily responsibilities by embodying the positive principles of respect for diversity and inclusivity when engaged in meetings and in day-to-day interactions with staff and students alike.
  • Strongly encourage managers at all levels to encourage staff to attend equality meetings, network activities and events at the University.

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