The digital classrooms are two seminar rooms (TSR5 and TSR6) in the Templeman Library in Canterbury designed with group tables, repeater screens, touch screen at the front and wireless connection. During the academic year 2017/18 we monitored and collected feedback on their use from academics and students and carried out a study of their impact on learning and teaching. The project is continuing in the current academic year, and we are looking forward to supporting new staff who want to use the rooms for their teaching, workshops or other interactive sessions.

The study was very successful, you can find here the PowerPoint of our Digital Classroom Project presentation at the ATP conference in London in July 2018. Teachers and students found the space user-friendly, inspiring and motivational. The digital classrooms foster collaboration and exchange. They are innovative spaces that can be used as ‘traditional’ seminar rooms, but the layout and technology available enable to experiment with different pedagogical approaches allowing for individual student and disciplinary needs.