Securing a scholarship with Middle Temple

KLS student Raphael Hardy tells us about his Sir Robert Micklethwait Memorial Scholarship major award

How did you find out about the Scholarship schemes?

Via a talk given by representatives from each of the four Inns of Court.

Can you tell us how this scholarship will help in your studies and/or career aspirations?

It’s a lovely recognition of the hard work you put in, both in terms of academic achievement and extracurricular activities. I am also told that having a scholarship looks good on pupillage applications.

What other benefits are there of being involved?

We all suffer from imposter syndrome sometimes. Having a scholarship gives you a sense of pride and reminds you that your Inn sees potential in you.

Do you have any advice for anyone considering applying for Law and/or scholarships?

  1. Kent has amazing mooting and mock trial facilities, and the lawyering skills team are incredible and supportive. There are lots of opportunities, and so it pays to get involved as early as possible.
  2. Read cases. Textbooks are still great, but you will remember the law better when you can attach a story to it.
  3. Practice verbal and written advocacy as much as you can. This will improve your coursework as well.