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Summer of Law 2021

This year, building on the success of last year’s inaugural Summer of Law, we shone a spotlight on some of the topics that are studied within our optional law modules. These are the modules that you can choose to study to complement compulsory, foundational legal subjects. They will help to build your understanding of legal skills and knowledge and discover our distinctive, critical approach to teaching law!

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What do Judges do?

(Held on Thursday 10 June)

Hosted by Professor Erika Rackley and Dr Kirsty Horsey

  • In this webinar, we ask ‘who are our judges and why does it matter’?
  • Focusing on the UK Supreme Court, we take a critical look at who gets to decide some of the UK’s most important and contentious cases. Does a judge’s background impact their decision-making? And – if so – does it matter?
  • Explore these questions and more in this webinar introduction to judges, justice and judicial reasoning

How is artificial intelligence used in policing?

(Held on Thursday 17 June)

Hosted by Lisa Dickson and Dr Allison Holmes

The use of facial recognition technology (FRT) by English and Welsh police – what do we need to consider?

  • In this webinar we question the use of FRT as a police investigative tool.
  • How reliable is FRT?
  • Do the public really want FRT?
  • What are the links between private and police facial databases?

What is the Law of Evidence?

(Held on Thursday 24 June)

Hosted by Darren Weir and final-year Kent Law School students Ashley, Jeremy and George

  • The law of evidence governs how a legal case can be proved in court
  • In this webinar we look at one aspect of the law of evidence, namely that of ‘bad character’
  • Is it right that a jury should be told about the previous misconduct of a defendant? What qualifies as ‘misconduct’?
  • Increasingly over the past couple of years the courts have allowed the prosecution to introduce the defendant’s possession of Rap and Drill Music to prove gang affiliation, violent tendencies and general bad character
  • In May 2021, a gangland drill track reached No 1 in the charts for the first time. What does this say about the Nation’s ‘character’?

Can employment Law cope with COVID? 

(Held on Thursday 1 July)

Hosted by Professor Diamond Ashiagbor and Professor Lydia Hayes

  • Employment law is the rich array of obligations, responsibilities and rights that govern the world of work. It began in the days of ‘masters and servants’ but in modern times has developed statutory rights that balance the dignity and human rights of the worker with the commercial interests of employers
  • In this webinar we show that when the pandemic hit, UK employment law provided protection from COVID to some workers but was ineffective at protecting others. The workers who were at highest risk of exposure to the virus worked in occupations with the lowest access to legal protection in their work
  • Is it right that all workers are not equally protected by employment law?
  • Women, black workers and young workers are most likely to work in jobs with lower levels of legal protection and higher levels of COVID risk.
  • What does this tell us about the choices made by law makers in the design and application of employment law?

What does law have to do with social media?

Thursday 8 July

Hosted by Dr Will Mbioh, Stage 1 and Stage 2 Kent Law School students

  • So many of us are social media users who view, click, share, and like content chosen for us by recommendation systems. You decide and purposely select only a tiny bit of what you see on social media. The machines do most of the choosing for you
  • This session is about how the law has almost nothing to do or to say about recommendation systems or engines, which are the algorithms and machine learning tools that predict what is most likely to seek and keep our attention for the longest period possible.

What is Company Law?

Thursday 15 July

Hosted by Dr Alex Magaisa and Kerry Love

  • Companies are all around us – What did you wake up in this morning? What did you make your morning tea with? How are you reading this?  The very high chance is that you interacted with multiple goods and services today just like every day that were produced and provided to you by a ‘company’.  What drives companies – capitalism!
  • Have you ever thought what a company really is? What distinguishes it from other business forms? Here at KLS we introduce you not only to the distinguishing features of a company and the legal consequences that follow from other business alternatives.
  • We scrutinise governance within companies; share capital, dividends, power between shareholders and directors and their duties. Gain a taster of these issues in our final Summer of Law webinar.

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