Queen Mother Scholarship awarded to KLS graduate

Recent graduate Monique McIntosh secured a prestigious Middle Temple scholarship to undertake the Bar Practice Course (BPC)

How did you find out about the Scholarship schemes?

During my second year, I attended a lecture on the roles that the Inns play, specifically their role in awarding scholarships to fund the Bar Course. Through this, I gained an understanding of how each Inn conducts their scholarship application process, and which I may be better suited to.

Can you tell us how this scholarship will help in your studies and/or career aspirations?

Such a scholarship will be a major financial and motivational support. In terms of financially, enrolling onto the Bar course is somewhat of a financial investment considering, unlike other postgraduate courses, there is generally no government grant available (unless you combine it with an LLM). Therefore, such a scholarship will be of great benefit in covering the course fees.

Secondly, the Bar course is known for being a challenging course. I have no doubt that having this scholarship as a reminder that other practitioners saw potential in me to pursue a career at the Bar, will be a great morale boost during what I know will be an intense course.

Do you have any advice for anyone considering applying for a scholarship?

In terms of advice, I would give to those applying for a scholarship:

  • Know the deadlines: Each Inn has their own deadlines and time frames, so make sure to familiarise yourself with the deadlines for the Inn that you are applying to.
  • References: Keep in mind that along with your written application, you will need academic or non-academic written references. I made sure to ask for a reference from lecturers who knew me really well and to ask them in good time (a big thank you to my referees!).
  • Take your time: I took a long time drafting my application, to ensure that I had demonstrated the Inn’s criteria as best as I could (Of course also give yourself adequate time to proofread your application!).
  • Do your research: Considering it was my first time applying for a scholarship, I was incredibly thankful for the many resources available online giving me an insight into what I might expect during the interview. Above this, I took time to go through my application before the interview and familiarise myself with what I wrote and what questions the panel may ask about the experiences I mentioned. Also, it is always a good idea to familiarise yourself with current affairs, particularly major legal ones.
  • Utilise your network and wider network: Many past scholars and barristers are happy to read over applications, so I would definitely recommend reaching out and seeing if you can get any support this way (I am happy to read over any applications!).