Q&A with Law student, Moksh Gadia


What attracted you to studying at Kent?
Kent’s law programme has an excellent reputation. Another reason for choosing Kent was the campus; the view from Tyler Hill is breath-taking and reminded me of home.

How is your course going?
It is a challenging course which requires high academic standards and dedication. It pushes me academically, which is good because that will ensure I reach my full potential. Kent is a critical law school, which means we are encouraged to be introspective and understand legal concepts from our own perspectives. This helps us to get to the core of key legal ideas.

How would you describe your lecturers?
My lecturers are like a library, full of legal knowledge on many topics! They always try to use practical examples to help us to understand theoretical topics. They are all experts in their legal areas and use their specialist knowledge to enhance the curriculum and increase our legal knowledge.

Have you had a favourite module?
I particularly enjoyed Public Law 1 because the module focused on very recent issues such as Brexit. The module stressed the critical evaluation of cases, which really honed our research and analytical skills. The assessments required us to think ‘out of the box’ to come up with solutions and suggestions to legal questions. This was extremely challenging and fun at the same time.

How would you describe your fellow students? 
They are all very approachable and friendly. They form an integral support system for my life at Kent. I’ve found studying together extremely beneficial because it helped me to resolve any doubts and learn more.

What are your subject facilities like?
The subject facilities are more than anyone could ask for! The lecture theatres are very modern and the law section in Templeman Library is a great resource.

What career do you hope to follow when you leave?
I hope to become a Barrister. Kent has played a huge role in shaping my career prospects, through the various mock trials and moot courts organised throughout the year. Through these events, I discovered my passion for becoming a Barrister.

What do you think of the social life at Kent?
The social life is absolutely awesome and fun. There are lots of opportunities to hang out and meet new people and several places on campus where you can socialise with your friends and de-stress.

I am President of the Indian Society and it is the opportunity of a lifetime. We have an event almost every week, which includes things like club nights, sports socials and many more! I have made some of my best friends through this and highly recommend people join societies.

Do you have a favourite bar on campus?  
Origins. It has pool tables, darts and even shuffleboard. It’s a really chill place to hang with your mates after a long day. Woody’s is also a really nice bar, especially during football matches when it’s full of people watching the game.

Did you live in University accommodation?
Yes, I live in Tyler Court B. In my opinion, it is the most spacious accommodation on campus and offers the best value for money. Living on campus is super fun and convenient, where you can make friends really easily. I highly recommend living on campus and in Tyler Court, if possible, the en suite is very large and the kitchens are really nice to host gatherings in as well!

Any advice to somebody thinking of coming to Kent?
Kent is like a blank canvas. It offers every kind of paint you need, just go ahead and paint it the way you want. Experience everything, and find your ideal fit. Meet as many people as you can, especially on your course. Never be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone and try something new. Do this and you will become a better version of yourself.

Describe Kent in three words.
Empowering, Enterprising and Enriching.

What are the top 3 places to visit in Canterbury? Where would you recommend for a day out?
1) Canterbury Cathedral
2) Citi Terrace
3) Tokyo Tea Rooms
A good spot for a day out would be Westgate Gardens.

What is accommodation like in the city? 
The accommodation in the city is really good and cost-effective. It offers you close proximity to the city centre which is very convenient!

How affordable is it to live in Canterbury?
Canterbury is as affordable as you make it! It allows you to function on a student budget but it really depends on your lifestyle.

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