Q&A with Law student, Mary Awolowo


What attracted you to studying at Kent?
The deciding factors for me were Kent’s inclusivity and the impressive employability support.

How is your course going?
My course in law is challenging but my lecturers offer advice on which areas I should focus on and in general I’ve had fantastic support, so it has been an enjoyable experience.

Do you have a favourite module?
One module I particularly enjoyed covered public law, it looked at current political affairs and how they intertwine with the law.

How would you describe your fellow students?
My fellow classmates are very helpful because we discuss what we’ve heard in lectures and also have conversations about the most difficult topics on the course.

What are the facilities like in Kent Law School?
They are very modern, especially the Wigoder building, which has a mooting chamber that mirrors a real court, so you can see what it would be like if you were a barrister, solicitor, and/or a paralegal.

What career do you hope to follow?
I hope to become a lawyer as I want to be challenged in new environments where critical thinking and decision-making are put to the test.

Have you used the University’s Careers and Employability Service?
Yes I have. They are wonderful! They offer services including support with your CV, cover letter writing, preparing for interviews and more. This service is essential if you want to make a successful move into the world of work.

Have you used the Student Learning Advisory Service?
Yes I have. They offer great advice about how to write an essay, teach mathematical skills and how to manage your time in university. This has been an essential part of my university experience.

Have you joined any societies?
I’m part of a church society called First Love, it’s very social because we actively talk about Christian, academic and social topics.

What is your favourite restaurant on campus?
My favourite restaurant is Mungo’s because I love their burgers and milkshakes, they are delicious!

Did you live in university accommodation?
Living in campus accommodation is good because of the proximity to central campus, also when using the library late at night it’s easy to get home.

Any advice to somebody thinking of coming to Kent?
If you want a place that cares about you and your education, come to Kent.

Describe Kent in three words.
Education-focused, inclusive, opportunity-rich.

Where are the top three places to visit in Canterbury?
Club Chemistry; the city centre; Canterbury Cathedral.

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