No need to leave home to gain international experience whilst studying at Kent Law School

An international perspective is embedded in the curricular modules taken by students studying Law at Kent

An international perspective is one of several lenses through which students critically approach the law, along with thinking about its social, political, and economic impact on addressing issues ranging from everyday problems to global challenges. This year, as in past years, several students have opted to extend the internationalisation of their studies, without the need to leave home.

Laura Charleton, Director of International Legal Studies, explains that ‘the University’s Internationalisation Officer and I have been able to offer several exciting opportunities to students ranging from virtual exchanges with law students in France to modules delivered online by international partner institutions and a global leadership forum, as well as a Global Officers’ Leadership Development (GOLD) programme right here on the Canterbury campus. These cross-cultural academic learning experiences, often undertaken online, complement the student’s existing studies and foster several key employability skills such as digital literacy skills, intercultural competences, and intercultural dialogue skills.’

Hear from some of the students who participated in these opportunities:

Sharon Abraham, stage 3 Law LLB student, participated in a virtual exchange programme at Hong Kong Baptist University, resulting in the publication of two letters in the South China Morning Post – UK experience could guide Hong Kong on working hours and UK’s four-day work week trial should inspire Hong Kong.

During the exchange programme, I got the opportunity to complete two valuable modules.

The first provided an extensive insight into the intricacies of the theory, practice and techniques of artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications to the media and communication industries. As a part of the course, I completed a virtual presentation with my teammates, which looked at the use of AI in video games.  The second introduced an interdisciplinary method for assessing a plethora of social issuesOur team focused on standard working hours in Hong Kong and the UK. It was a proud moment to see my letters published in the South China Morning Post.

This has overall been an enriching experience and has helped bolster my research, writing and critical thinking skills – I highly recommend the exchange programme!!

Iyiosayi Ugiagbe, stage 3 Law LLB student, made friends across the channel while participating in an international virtual exchange with law students at the Universite de Bordeaux, France.

The International Virtual Exchange presented me with the chance to connect with a global network, something I hadn’t experienced before. I was able to learn about various paths into the legal profession in France and how they compare to and differ from the English Legal profession, whilst also honing important skills for future employment. It’s a fun and well-structured programme that fits in well with your studies and is a good way to enhance your employability.’

Mary Adeniyi, stage 3 Law LLB student, found her voice during conversations with students around the world, and then became a Global Officer on campus.

‘I took part in the Connect Programme, introduced by Soliya in 2022. This is an online cross-cultural educational initiative, that aims to foster a greater understanding on the topics that affect us all, through the power of discussion.

I took part in a session about the current war in Ukraine with group members being from all over the world. In a safe space, with people I had just met, it was great to be able to foster dialogues and we had an interesting, eye-opening, but difficult conversation about it.

The experience helped me to speak up more and to share my thoughts in seminar classes and lectures. It has aided me on my journey to understanding other people’s perspectives better, even if it does not align with my personal beliefs. I have grown in confidence and in my communication skills, both of which are good to have as future lawyers.

Taking part in this year’s GOLD Programme has been one of the best decisions I have made during my time at the University. You can fit this around your studies and come out with a greater understanding and appreciation of the world too. There is a beauty in cultures, and there is a beauty in diversity, and the GOLD Programme will help you see this in an amazing way! I am grateful to have been a part of such a rewarding initiative.’

Kent Law School looks forward to facilitating further opportunities for our students in the future.