Lincoln’s Inn Lord Denning scholarship award for KLS student

Law LLB student Stella English talks to us about the benefits of receiving a scholarship

How did you find out about the Scholarship schemes? 

From my lecturers and via my Inn (Lincoln’s). 

Can you tell us how this scholarship will help in your studies and/or career aspirations? 

The benefits of receiving an award are threefold. First, it is extremely confidence building. The journey to the bar is intense and requires a great deal of stamina. Support from Lincoln’s Inn is reassuring proceeding from the LLB to bar school, knowing that my potential for practice has been recognised. Secondly, there is a perception that a scholarship enhances prospects for pupillage as the Inn have judged me as a good candidate for the bar. Finally, the financial award makes entry to bar school possible, which as a single parent would otherwise be a very real barrier.  

What are the other benefits of being involved? 

My involvement started long before receiving my scholarship. During the first year of my undergraduate degree, I applied to become a student member of Lincoln’s Inn.  It was vital to immerse myself in the profession and all that it has to offer. The benefit of being a member goes way beyond receiving a scholarship. Being an active student member has allowed me to become involved in the Inn’s mooting club and qualifying sessions. I have found the community at Lincoln’s Inn to be the most collegial and inspiring group of professionals I have ever known. The level of support which has been offered whether through general advice or other practical help has been nothing short of humbling.  

Do you have any advice for anyone considering applying for Law and/or scholarships?

In my opinion, it is necessary to have unshakeable belief and utter determination if you wish to pursue a career at the bar. A qualifying law degree, ideally first class or 2:1 is only the beginning. In order to have a real chance of success, it is crucial to become involved as early as possible in mooting; mock trials; and the Student Outdoor Clerking scheme and any of the many opportunities which Kent Law School offer. This demonstrates a real interest in the bar which is a prerequisite for scholarship and pupillage.

Above all, be yourself and respect others equally whether it be your fellow students or counsel and other legal professionals. They are the ones who will make your dream become a reality!