Francine Houben: Dream Builders

As part of the Dream Builders series, Razia Iqbal interviewed the renowned architect Francine Houben, one of the founders of Mecanoo Architecten in the Netherlands. The interview with one of the Netherlands’ leading architects was conducted at the RIBA headquarters in London.

Graduating BA (Hons) students from the Kent School of Architecture attended the talk and found what Miss Houben had to say about her practice very interesting. Miss Houben spoke in great detail about her well known British project, The Library of Birmingham which we all found very inspiring.

The Library of Birmingham was discussed in terms of mobility and how it represents the history of the city. The iconic building with its eye-catching façade and golden cylinder, in which the Shakespeare archive is stored, was selected for the RIBA National Awards 2014.

As KSA students, we were delighted to meet Francine and ask her a few questions. We asked her what cities are of great inspiration to her and whether she ever looks back at her designs and given the chance again, would she have done something different.

A recording of the event will be broadcastby the BBC World Service. Razia Iqbal’s previous interviews can be accessed via the following link

Gulce Onganer – Stage 3 BA (Hons) Architecture

Howard Griffin – Moving the immovable

Howard Griffin will be giving a talk entitled Moving the immovable on Wednesday 9th July at 7.30pm in The Gulbenkian as part of Digibury.

The development of digital projection technology has enabled urban-scale projection to become bigger, brighter and arguably more immersive.

This increase in technological capability has encouraged a new generation of artists to use imagery to alter architectural and urban environments, provoking interaction, response and a skewing of the perception of ordinarily familiar form and space. With the ability of this medium to change the very nature and aesthetic of the urban environment, Howard is currently researching the perceptive effect that this can have.

Drawing from experience of a number of projects, Howard will discuss the field of Architectural Projection Mapping and its distinction from urban cinematic projections.

Chapter in peer-reviewed book

Kent School of Architecture PhD student Carolina Vasilikou, who is part of The Centre for Architecture and Sustainable Environment (CASE), has had her PhD work published in a peer-reviewed book.

Authors: Carolina Vasilikou & Marialena Nikolopoulou

Title: Degrees of Environmental Diversity for Pedestrian Thermal Comfort in the Urban Continuum: a new methodological approach

Edgerton E., Romice O. & Thwaites K. (eds), 2014, Bridging the Boundaries – human experience in the natural and built environment and implications for research, policy and practice. Advances in People-Environment Studies, Vol.5. Hogrefe Publishing: Gottingen.

Carolina Vasilikou
Carolina Vasilikou