Vice Chancellor’s Cup highlights: Walking Netball

Netball game

As we enter the 5th event of the VC’s Cup series, teams were primed to play walking netball, a game designed for anyone, regardless of their level of fitness or age.

Walking Netball is based on the common game of netball but with a twist. As the name suggests, players are only allowed to walk (fast walk), there is no jumping and extra time is allowed before a player must pass the ball. Popular with players who have retired from traditional netball due to injury or physical difficulty.

People playing netball

For the first time this year, each team was paired up with another team to compete as one. Pairings changed from game to game, with each team competing against one another in a series of lunchtime games. This helped ensure teams had the right number of players, substituting additional players at halftime and swapping positions.

Initially, it was mayhem on the court! Players were running, jumping, and going offside left, right and centre, which kept the umpires on their toes. Even experienced netball players and Kent’s very own Unicorns struggled to grasp the pace of the game, launching themselves across court and throwing themselves into each game as they would any other. However, as the games progressed, teams and players grasped the rules and became more comfortable and strategic.

Team photo
Finance and Happy Ravers

Teams each played five games, with Happy Ravers going unbeaten and winning the tournament. Living La Vida Mocha, were right on their heels, coming 2nd after finishing just one point behind and Marlowe’s Marauders rounded off the top 3, following a strong performance which left them in 3rd place. A full rundown of the teams and their positions can be found on the Vice Chancellor’s Cup webpage.

Team photo
Marlowe’s Marauders and Living La Vida Mocha

Huge shoutout to the Sports Development team for organising the event and to all attending teams for demonstrating fantastic teamwork, collaborating with colleagues and helping other teams ensure everyone played and had a good time.

“We proved that collaboration works. RISistence is Futile was fourth! I recall winning thanks to Leanne, so definitely well-deserved first position Happy Ravers.”

High off the event’s excitement, groups commented on their experience of the tournament in the form of a rap, which you can enjoy below!

VC’s Cup netball was pretty neat,

As long as you were marking from three feet.

It was fun, but try not to run,

no jumping allowed, but we did ourselves proud.

We played as a team,

shooting like a dream.

Happy Ravers had fun,

well done everyone!


Keep your distance, in every instance.

No jumping allowed, the ref cried out loud!

Do not touch, but you must stay in touch,

‘The Mosquito’ was persistent and annoyingly consistent.

Dean would comply, she cut off his supply,

which was no surprise, as the stakes were high.

Three points for a win, what a way to begin!


The Super Human Sciences

didn’t quite live up to our name,

but we enjoyed taking part in the no running, no jumping game!


Liquorice AllSports mashed it up,

with players from finance, accomm and such.

We worked as a team, keeping it real,

speed-walking our way to our next steal!

If you enjoyed that, tune in for the next VC’s Cup instalment of dodgeball in just two weeks’ time! You can find more information on the VC’s Cup online, as well as keep track of the leaderboard and individual tournament results.

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