Vice Chancellor’s Cup highlights: TouchTennis

It was fantastic to see all 15 teams present for the VC’s Cup Touch Tennis session, last week.

TouchTennis is a modified version of tennis that uses softer foam balls and smaller rackets on a smaller court. The rules are similar to standard tennis, but serving is only allowed underarm. To score this TouchTennis event, a round-robin of fixtures was played, with each team playing against each other for an hour. A fixture consists of two single matches and one doubles match. The overall match score, either 3-0 or 2-1, is recorded, and 3 points are awarded to the winning fixture. The overall standings were determined by collecting all fixture results.

Day 1

In the first hour, some new players were very excited to try out TouchTennis. The VC’s Cup spirit was evident as the players showed off some excellent games. All games were self-umpired and scored by the players themselves, which promoted accountability and fair play.

At the end of the hour, Keepers of the Keys and DoNATS had four wins each out of the four games played. However, Keepers of the Keys took the top spot due to their outstanding points difference, winning all their fixtures 3-0. In the second hour, seven new teams competed in another round-robin style session. There were some fantastic games on show, with most teams completing five games. Back to the Future (student) emerged as the winner at the end of the round-robin, winning all their fixtures comfortably. Second place went to SPP Power after recording three wins and a draw from their four games and Liquorice All Sports secured third place after recording three wins.

Day 2

On day two of the competition, the top four teams from each session formed Group A, while the bottom seven teams from day 1 were added to form Group B. Group B witnessed a fierce competition between some of the big names, with Fine Ants emerging as the winner with four wins out of four matches, securing an overall 9th place in the event. Living La Vida Mocha secured the second spot and finished 10th overall, while Marlowe’s Marauders finished third and secured 11th place overall.

In Group A, Keepers of the Keys continued their winning streak and secured the top spot, ultimately winning the event. Infomaniacs secured the second spot with consistent performances throughout the event, while Liquorice All Sports finished third. The staff enjoyed a fantastic event, and congratulations are in order for Keepers of the Keys, Infomaniacs, and Liquorice All Sports. Campus Sporting Exploits won the Fairplay award for exhibiting tremendous fair play and sportsmanship throughout the event, which embodied what the VC’s Cup is all about.

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