Vice Chancellor’s Cup highlights: The Quiz

The final event of the 2022/2023 VC’s Cup took place on Monday 4 September, with teams eager to knock Living La Vida Mocha off the top spot and claim victory!

With the gleaming trophy on display, teams took their seats in the Darwin Conference Suite, nervously tucking into tortilla crisps and eyeing up their competition. Eleven teams attended the final event, each looking to do their best, and with no wooden spoon on offer, it seemed the only way was up!

As the results stood, the top three teams were:

  1. Living La Vida Mocha (237 pts)
  2. Campus Sporting Exploits (222 pts)
  3. Liquorice All Sports (208 pts)

When teams arrived, they were directed to their table. With no time to spare and their attention span already waning, staff got stuck straight in with a ‘Where’s Wally’ puzzle. However, this was no ordinary Where’s Wally, no, this was a VC’s Cup Where’s Wally, meaning as well as locating the original Wally, there were an additional four Sports Development Wallys to find too! Wally Billy, Wally Charlie, Wally Dean and the newest member of the team, Wally Luke. As teams scoured the landscape before them, they were joined by the Vice Chancellor herself, Karen Cox, who aided teams, going to different tables each round.

There were a total of 7 rounds played:

  • Covers
  • Sports
  • VC’s Cup events
  • 2023
  • UKC landmarks
  • Guess the sports dev officer
  • Anagram round

Each team was also presented with an event Joker, which they could play on a chosen round to double their points. With the vague topics on hand, and the top teams in desperate need of earning those extra points, teams had to choose their Joker round carefully, ensuring they scored the maximum number of points. Strangely enough, Liquorice All Sports, with only one Sports staff member able to play (as most team members were hosting the quiz), chose not to play their Joker on the Sports round!

Allowing teams to recover and straighten themselves out in between rounds, the Sports Development Team took time to celebrate this year’s individual event winners, presenting them with a small trophy and taking a team photo with the Vice Chancellor. For fear that some teams might collapse through the overuse of their brains, food was also served by the Darwin catering staff, giving everyone time to re-group.

All in all, it was a fantastic evening of friendly rivalry and competition. Marlowe’s Marauders did everything they could, playing their VC’s Cup Joker and winning the quiz event (as they regularly do). However, even with a huge 40-point win and a total of 239 points, they were unable to surpass Living La Vida Mocha, who ultimately went on to win the title of VC’s Cup 2022/23 Champions, after scoring 19 points in the quiz, giving them a total grand total of 256 points, smashing everyone out of the water! A huge congratulations to Living La Vida Mocha, who remained strong and steady throughout the Cup events and a massive well done to all the teams who took part. A wonderful way to end the 2022/23 edition of the VC’s Cup.

The Sports Development Team are already planning next year’s competition and will be in touch soon with information about the Vice Chancellor’s Cup 2023/24! View all this year’s cup events and results on our website and stay tuned to find out more!

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