Vice Chancellor’s Cup highlights: Dodgeball

Player ducking and trying to get away from three dodgeballs which have been thrown at her.

Round 6 of the Vice Chancellor’s cup was greeted by Dodgeball, a team sport in which opposing teams face off against each other, throwing balls across the court with the aim of striking their opponent and removing them from play.

The aim of the game is to eliminate all of the opposing team players. Players are out of the game if they are hit with an opponent’s ball, or if they manage to catch a thrown ball before it hits the ground.

Over two lunch breaks, teams competed in six games of dodgeball. Teams were once again paired with another team, making one larger “super team”, as was the case with the previous VC Cup’s Walking Netball.

Each team has six players with five balls up for grabs. On the whistle, players rush to the centre line to claim their balls and off we go! A neutral zone on court ensures players keep their distances before attempting to throw and hit out an opponent.

Players rush to the centre line to claim their balls.

Teams Liquorice All Sports, Super Human Sciences and U Bunch O’Kents dominated day one with 3 wins out of 3 played. High energy was needed and an elevated level of concentration from players to strike out their opponents.

Following some tough games with a few near missed, the decision was made to change the balls for day two, allowing for safer play and a more inclusive environment. Day two saw teams Finance and DoNATS finish with three wins out of three games played, adopting a catch-out technique, while other teams struggled to adapt their style of play to the new balls, leaving them trailing behind.

Five team members posing for a photo with arms around each others shoulders, smiling. The player in the middle is holding a dodgeball up to their face to hide from the camera.
Team: Living La Vida Mocha

Finance and U Bunch O’Kents reigned supreme, winning five out of six games! However, due to a better goal difference (ratio of points scored to points conceded), U Bunch O’Kents ultimately took 1st place overall, Finance came 2nd and a big well done to Living La Vida Mocha on another top three event finish, coming 3rd. DoNATS, despite not making it to the top three, took home most improved performance, going from 0pts scored on day one to 9pts picked up on day two!

Dodgeball Results:

Overall, the event was well attended with some excellent commitment, sportsmanship and energy demonstrated throughout. Following this latest round, the leaderboard has shifted once again, with Living La Vida Mocha close on the heels of the current leaders, Liquorice All Sports.

As always, a huge thank you and well done to the Kent Sport team for organising and running the event!

University of Kent Sport's Development team smiling at the camera.

We’re looking forward to the next event, Goalball on Tuesday 18th April and Thursday 20th April in the Sports Centre.

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