Vice Chancellor’s Cup highlights: Benchball

Teams went head to head in a series of fast paced Benchball games.

Competitors at Benchball

Benchball is a childhood game often played in schools and competitively at some universities.

A fan favourite at the VC’s Cup, benchball is played by passing a ball between team members before it is caught by a teammate who is standing on a bench, scoring you a point. Once your scoring pass has been received, you then join your teammate on the bench and play continues until the whole team is on the bench, at which point the game rests and continues until the allotted time is up.

Benchball gaol

At our most recent VC Cup, teams participated in multiple games over two lunches. LeJendSS and Campus Sporting Exploits decided to bulk up their points, playing their bench boost chip, which allowed them to recruit a member of the Sports Development team to play for them. Alongside this, Engagement Eagles played their free hit chip which guaranteed them mid-table points regardless of the end result.

Game days saw many excited teams, eager at the prospect of running and jumping around the court. Enthusiasm and energy levels remained high throughout the tournament with a tonne of explosive and energetic plays. By the end, players relished the opportunity to hop on a bench for a breather!

Player catching and ball

Leading from the front were Liquorice All Sport, who won the benchball tournament, their second win of the year. Campus Sporting Exploits finished 2nd and Living La Vida Mocha finished 3rd, their first top 3 finish in a VC Cup event.

The overall rankings remain unchanged for the top 4, with Finance moving up to 5th position.

Benchball team
Finance Team

There’s plenty more VC Cup action to go! You can view all the events scheduled throughout the year, as well as the scores for each event and leader table on our webpage.

Next event: The Cube on Monday 6th February 2023. If you’re interested in joining a team or getting involved, it’s not too late. Email the Sports Development office.

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