Vice Chancellor’s Cup highlights: Beatsaber

Thirteen Vice Chancellor Cup teams convened for a brand new addition to the VC’s Cup calendar, Beatsaber, a VR rhythm game where you slash flying blocks along to beats of adrenaline-pumping music, surrounded by a futuristic world.

Held in the Darwin Conference Suite, participants were thrust into this virtual world, competing against each other to score the highest across two songs. With two controllers, each participant was armed with two virtual sabres, one red and one blue, with points scored for slashing through the blocks in the correct direction and with the correct colour sabre. Players also had to avoid the bombs and the large rectangular walls which loomed towards them, ducking and leaning to get out of the way!

Check out this Beatsaber trailer to discover more about this virtual world!


After all team players had completed two songs, their scores were added together, giving them an overall score. These scores were then ranked against the other teams to determine their overall positions in the event. There were some incredible scores recorded by our teams, with some notable mentions for SPP Power who recorded the highest individual points score of 225,012 and Flu Fighters who scored 217, 679. Despite these great efforts, it was Chipperfield Circus who came out victorious! DoNATS finished second, having decided to play their Joker chip. Third place went to Living La Vida Mocha, who showed tremendous consistency throughout the event!

Overall this was a fantastic debut event and a great way to allow staff to try out the ever-growing world of virtual reality while adding a new skill dynamic to the VC’s Cup. The next Vice Chancellor’s Cup session is TouchTennis, which will be held in the Sports Centre on Tuesday 16 and Thursday 18 April 2024.

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