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Stay Well at Home

Kent Sport Health and Fitness Instructor John Harman gets us moving with another fun workout.

For a great cardio. workout, whilst improving your muscular endurance in a confined outdoor space – look no further than a skipping rope.

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If you’ve never skipped before, begin (without a rope) by bouncing gently on the spot. Keep up on the balls of your feet. Keep the bounce low – your feet only need to come up enough for the rope to pass underneath.

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When you have found a nice rhythm, begin to shuffle your feet forwards and back, transferring your weight from one foot to the other.

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Continue as above, but add in the action from the wrists as if you were holding the rope. Keep your elbows close to your body, and your hands out to the side.
The action of turning the rope comes from the wrists with a circular motion.

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Let’s add the rope!

Remember we want to keep this exercise low impact so don’t jump. Bounce gently; alternating the weight from one foot to the other – with a slight forwards and backwards shuffle with your feet. Keep your torso still, avoid rotating your arms. Let the wrists/hands do the work.


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