Kent Sport staff spotlight: Louisa Arnold

LAMy twitter profile says ‘work in sport, coach sport, play sport, watch sport… I think I need to broaden my horizons!’ Perhaps I do but if you enjoy it, what’s the problem?!

I am very fortunate to be able to work in a job that I love and one that compliments my hobbies so well too. As the County Coaching Network Officer I get to spend my working life supporting the recruitment, development and retention of coaches across many sports throughout the county. In my spare time, I happen to be one of those people coaching both at a local netball club and here at the University.

The rewards are plentiful and seeing young people progress and achieve in their life not just on the netball court makes it a huge honour and a pleasure to be part of. We pride ourselves on being a friendly club that welcomes women and girls from 10 years to adult whatever their ability. Those values are part of my coaching philosophy and there is one quote of the many on my office wall that sticks with me every time I take to the court: ‘never discourage anyone who continually make progress, no matter how slow’. Plato really did know his stuff!

I currently coach between 5-8 hours a week including matches and the rest of my time is usually netball related apart from my own fitness (although that helps netball too). As well as coaching I am also the chairperson for our club so I’m always considering ways to develop the club, increase our membership and improve the opportunities for our players. I have been part of the local league committee for the last two years supporting with events and maintaining the website.

Sometimes I even get to make a guest appearance on court for a local team in another league where I can just show up, play and go home again without any responsibilities!

Praise isn’t something I’m very comfortable with; I do what I do because I love it and want others to experience the many benefits I have had through sport. However, it was very humbling to be presented with the Kent Netball Coach Award for 2013-14 on 12 September. Such recognition has fuelled my desire to keep improving my skills to ensure all those lovely people I coach get the best Netball experience possible.

If you are interested in coaching or want to find out more about the Kent Coaching Network including Project 500 that encourages more female coaches to get involved please contact Louisa or visit

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