Kent FA Business 6s

The University of Kent staff social football team entered a new competition

Billy Radford, Sports Development Officer and football programmes lead, has helped the University of Kent provide a staff team in the inaugural Kent FA Business 6’s competition.

Thursday 7th July saw the inaugural Kent FA Business 6’s. Organised by Kent FA, the competition saw 10 businesses from across Kent, including DFDS, BAE Systems and others, compete in a 6 a-side football tournament. Members of the University of Kent’s social football group were keen to get involved and it wasn’t long before ‘I Kent keep ballin’ in love with you’ was born! On the night, the 10 teams were split into 2 groups of 5 and the University of Kent staff football team managed a very respectful 2nd place in their group, conceding just 1 goal over 4 games. Unfortunately, only the 1st place finisher from both groups progressed but it was a very strong performance all round from the team.


Our social kickaround sessions run every Friday, 12pm – 1pm at The Pavilion and are the perfect opportunity for a relaxed game with colleagues, but don’t take my word for it, hear what our players have to say:


“Football is part of who I am. As a regular Friday Session and Community Cup player, I found football playing takes my mind off my work and brings great joy to me. Football teaches us lessons in creativity, fighting spirit and teamwork that apply both on and off pitch.” Frank Wang, Professor in Future Computing,  School of Computing


“I’ve throughly enjoyed playing for the staff Community Cup team. Well organised, welcoming and using great facilities, Billy and Charlie have gathered staff of all abilities, ages and nationalities. Games, although competitive, are fun – always played in the right spirit and in a positive, relaxed and encouraging atmosphere.” – Neil Hopkins, Graphics Assistant


“Staff football is an absolutely brilliant way to drag me away from my desk, run around, have fun, get fit, and then be more productive at work after.”Jake Bicknell, Lecturer in Biodiversity Conservation


“Friday football is the highlight of my working week. It’s given me confidence and fitness at my ripe old age. It’s really valuable and I miss it when it’s not on or my diary doesn’t permit. It’s really valuable!”Alan Dargan, Research Assistant


“Trust me when I say you ‘Kent get no Satisfaction’ once you join us, because you just ‘Kent help Ballin in Love’ with the staff football sessions here.”Bhokraj Gurung, Research Postgraduate


“Social football – where the ego’s are smaller than the bibs”Ryan Morrow, IT and Technical Services Manager


“If you enjoy playing football in adverse weather conditions, come join the Kent staff football team”Rhys Higgins, Alumni Relations Officer


“Staff football is great (all goals scored are the intellectual property of @Prince)”James Budge, Research Fellow


“Staff football reignited my love for the game and got me outside and active. The camaraderie is great, with encouragement, fun, and competitiveness being the norm, but in a team environment that is open and welcoming.The playing level is challenging but allows everyone to develop their game and find their place.The Community Cup squad is one of the most welcoming teams I have been part of in 37 years of senior football!”Simon Black, Lecturer


“I can’t imagine life without sports! I come alive when I play football, especially with other members of staff. It’s healthy competition, fun and good exercise. The organisers are fantastic, and the atmosphere is always friendly. I strongly recommend the Community Cup to any football-loving staff member. Come, taste and know for yourself!” ⚽⚽ – Chris Crentsil, Lecturer


“Staff football is a great activity to stay active, have fun, and get to know people from all areas of the university. Also, where else do you get the chance to chase senior staff across the pitch in the name of friendly competition?”Linus Peitz, Post-Doctoral Research Associate


“Be it in a heavy downpour or the blistering sun, staff football somehow always manages to take my breath away.” – Will Hayes, Research Postgraduate


If you would be interested in attending a future staff football session, please email the sports development team on

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