Fit 4 the Beach winner

The Fit 4 the Beach competition 2016 has now come to a close. The competition winner Anna Cole, Student Support Coordinator and Secretary to the Academic Disciplinary Committee, has had an exceptional journey and we wish her all the best for her fitness future. She had this to say about her experience:

“I had my final Personal Training session with Jeni on Tuesday 14 June. The session was amazing, I could really see a difference from my first Personal Training session and how far I had come with my fitness. In my burpies I had more spring and didn’t struggle as much, I pushed myself to the limit on a plank variation and almost gave up, but with Jeni’s encouragement I pushed through and completed the sets – it felt great that I didn’t give up. One thing I now know I hate is the battle ropes, they actually made me feel sick doing them so not my favourite piece of equipment. But the real test was the versi-climber at the end of the session, I managed to do seven minutes non-stop and climb above the monument setting we had set; it felt amazing and to think my first session I had to stop after a minute and could only get to three minutes in total so this was a huge achievement.

This has been one of the best challenges I have been involved in, it has taught me a lot about myself and my abilities and also that a lot of things is mind over matter and if you tell yourself you can do it the likelihood is that you will! I feel that my confidence has grown and I have done classes that I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing before starting this. I am seeing results too and so are other people which is a great feeling. Thank you to everyone for their support and encouragement and especially Jeni; thank you for picking me and helping me find me again – you truly are amazing – thank you!!!!”

Her instructor, Jeni Dexter, had this to say:

“Anna has so much determination. She has pushed through and started doing exercises she thought she could never do due to her back and other medical problems. Jumping and using machines in the big boy room as she calls it. She never gives up, every session she is stronger and more determined. Even loves a good burpee but not when her leggings are falling down though. All in all she has improved so much and feels more confident in herself and coming to the gym on her own. Working out at home with the help of her son Noah bless him.

She does two workouts, three times, at home via a video I created for her. Body weight exercise, HIIT and cardio moves. Plus Fit 4 the Beach class and pilates and our sessions – an amazing effort so far. Before she just came to Pilates once a week and cardio on the X-trainer for 40 minutes once a week. Results include 18 inches lost all over, 4.8 kg lost and biggest change is confidence which was a 2 out of 10 when asked at the beginning now 7! #thisgirlcan.”

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