Booking and cancelling online

New procedures in response to Covid-19

Booking and cancelling all sessions online is necessary for us to manage occupancy levels, reduce the risk of infection, and allows us to monitor attendance. By following government guidelines, we are able to keep our facilities open for use.

Due to the current climate, we have had to reduce the maximum capacity across all our facilities to ensure everyone is kept as safe as possible. We have capacity for a maximum of 2,340 one-hour slots in the gym per week. However, we are currently seeing only 50% of booked sessions being attended. This means that sessions are being booked, but not cancelled.

As you will not be able to visit Kent Sport for training or sport without having booked in advance, it is essential that you book all sessions online, including the gym. It is equally important to make sure you cancel any session you cannot attend. Cancelling a session means another user is able to take your space. See instructions below for booking and cancelling online.


What other options do I have?

We fully understand it is frustrating to not be able to book a gym session at a time that suits you. While we are sorry for the frustration, we hope you understand the reasons for reducing our capacity. Depending on your membership level, there is a range of other options for staying active:

  • Book a recreational sport: we have multiple indoor and outdoor sports facilities which you can book through the same website. Our brand-new Indoor Tennis and Events Arena is now open.
  • Book a massage: the Kent Sport Physiotherapy Clinic is offering 30-minute massages for just ¬£22 until 30 November.
  • Let’s Play: our Let’s Play team are running weekly running sessions, including Couch to 5K and social runs
  • Join a sports club: clubs are a great way to meet new people and get active with other team mates


How do I book an activity or gym session?

All activities must be booked in advance. You can book online through your membership portal only. If you have not booked, you will not be allowed access to the building. When using the online booking system, please be aware of the following procedure to ensure you book the correct slot:

  • Gym sessions (weights or cardio) and classes are bookable under ‘classes’. Search for ‘cardio session’ and ‘resistance/weights session’ for gym bookings
  • Sports bookings (volleyball, basketball and badminton only) are bookable under ‘activities’
  • Outdoor sports bookings are bookable under ‘activities’
  • Tennis courts are now bookable. Select ‘activities’ and choose ‘tennis courts’

Please be courteous and only book one session or activity per member per day.


How do I cancel sessions?

If you can no longer attend a session you’ve booked, it’s important that you cancel that booking. This allows other users to book that slot. Cancellation is easy to do – simply visit your online account at and click the Account History tab.

  1. Login to account
  2. Click Account History
  3. Find activity to be cancelled
  4. Click the red X
  5. Confirm cancellation by clicking OK

Please note that some sessions can take up to 90 minutes to appear here.


What happens if I don’t cancel a session and don’t attend?

We may suspend the accounts of those that don’t cancel a session and don’t attend. Suspension will prevent any further bookings.


We wanted to say thank you to all our members for following our new procedures as we all adapt to the new normal. If you have any questions, please contact

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