Booking and cancelling online

Booking and cancelling sessions online is easy and can be done from any computer, browser, or device.

We recommend booking your activities in advance (seven days for Premium Plus and Plus members, three days for Pay to Play members) as this guarantees your space. It’s important to make sure you cancel any session you cannot attend. Cancelling a session means another user is able to take your space. See the instructions below for booking and cancelling online.

Booking for the gym is not required, however, please be aware that this facility can become busy during lunchtimes and evenings. 


How do I book an activity or gym session?

All activities, excluding use of the gym, must be booked in advance. You can book online through your membership portal only. When using the online booking system, please be aware of the following procedure to ensure you book the correct slot:

To book:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click ‘Online Booking’
  3. Use the various filters to narrow down your search
  4. Select either ‘Quick Book’ or ‘Add to Basket’
  5. For some activities, you can also select the pitch or court for your booking
  6. Once you have chosen your session(s), hover over the basket item in the top right of your screen and select ‘Checkout’
  7. Check the items in your basket are correct, and once you are happy, click ‘Continue’
  8. Your sessions are now booked. You will receive a booking confirmation email


To find the session you intend to book, here are the groupings:

  • Fitness and dance classes are bookable under ‘Class’
  • Indoor and outdoor sports bookings are bookable under ‘Activity’
  • ALL Active sessions are bookable under ‘Class’


How do I cancel sessions?

If you can no longer attend a session you’ve booked, it’s important that you cancel that booking. This allows other users to book that slot. Cancellation is easy to do – simply visit your online account at

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click ‘My Bookings’
  3. Find the activity to be cancelled
  4. Click the cancel button
  5. Confirm the cancellation
  6. You will receive a cancellation confirmation email


What happens if I don’t cancel a session and don’t attend?

We may suspend the accounts of those who don’t cancel a session and don’t attend. A suspension will prevent any further bookings.


If you have any questions, please contact

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