Fat Cake Workshop

You will need: 

  • Lard x 1 pack
  • Wild birdseeds (handful)
  • Peanuts for birds (not for humans)
  • Bird friendly cupboard scraps (grated cheese, raisins, oats)
  • Paper cups, or recycled yogurt pots.
  • String and scissors
  • Mixing bowl & spoon

To make fat ball birdfeeders

This easy recipe is taken from the RSPB website, and in its simplest form mixes wild birdseeds and nuts with lard to form a texture that you can shape into balls or ‘cakes’ to hang from tree branches. The birds will love these during the winter months and you can add little extra treats to really feed them up such as grated cheese and raisins.  Be careful to select seeds suitable for birds, and peanuts for birds, not humans, as they are very different in their toxicity and salt content. Most local convenience stores will sell wild birdseed, and garden centres and pet supply shops will provide nuts for birds. Oats are great to add too to build consistency.

Step 1 Take a paper cup or recycled yogurt pot and prepare it for hanging in a tree by piercing a hole in the bottom, feeding string through, and tying the string to form a knot.  Leave enough string to hang from a branch. The pot will hang upside down, so your knot should be inside the pot/cup.

Step 2 Let your lard soften at room temperature (no need to melt it) and cut it into small cubes. Add the cubes to the mixing bowl.

Step 3 Add all the other ingredients to your mixing bowl, mix and squidge together with your fingertips until it holds together.

Step 4 Fill your cup/pot with bird cake mixture, leave to set in the fridge for and hour or so. Once set, remove ready to hang.

Step 5 Hang your pot from a tree and enjoy watching the birds feed!