About the project

We are the Kent Community Oasis Garden (KentCOG), a collection of students, staff and community members working to create a sustainability hub centred around growing food.

The existing Oasis Garden and the larger area around it has the potential to become a well-used resource for teaching, learning and engagement, and our project aims to:

  • Create an accessible multiuse space
  • Provide opportunities for skills building and training
  • Provide opportunities for work experience and apprenticeships
  • Promote sustainable and healthy food
  • Provide access to growing space
  • Create activities and quiet spaces for wellbeing and mental health programmes
  • Enhance the student experience
  • Promote social enterprise
  • Enhance social cohesion
  • Provide an interesting space for Learning and Teaching/A Living Lab
  • Provide a safe environment working within the University’s processes and procedures
  • Create a lasting and mutually beneficial partnership

We are made up of a number of partners including The University of Kent, Kent Enterprise Trust, The Gardening and Foraging Society (Kent Union) and the Whitstable and Herne Bay Beekeepers. For a full list of partners and supporters please click here.

To get involved please take a look at our calendar (coming soon) to find out when our open sessions are or email kentcog@kent.ac.uk.