‘I hope to move into a full-time role in the food industry’

Molly Bailey

Molly Bailey graduated from her Marketing with a Year in Industry BSc (Hons) in 2022 and managed to secure a role on a commercial graduate scheme at Samworth Brothers, a British food manufacturer.

Why did you choose to study marketing?

I chose marketing as it spanned a range of industries and was something I had found interesting at A level. While at university, I was able to get an insight into different industries through my placement, assignments and events, which eventually led to me choosing to work in the food industry.

Why did you choose Kent Business School?

The option to do a year in industry was very important for me. The Canterbury campus also played a part in my decision as it really suited the type of university experience that I wanted.

Please share some of your favourite memories, achievements and experiences?

A big achievement for me was becoming President of Kent Marketing Society, which allowed me to meet lots of new people and gain new skills. This really helped in my search for a placement and graduate job. I also achieved the highest overall average mark for my stage in Marketing, which is something I feel very proud of.

What have you been up to since graduating?

Since graduating, I have started a new role as a commercial graduate at Samworth Brothers. Currently I am on my first placement of four in the New Product Development team.

What does your role involve?

My day-to-day role is often quite varied, assisting the team in the process of creating new products from development to launch. In February, I will be starting my second placement in the commercial team where I am looking forward to learning new skills in a more customer-facing role.

It has been challenging to jump straight into a new role, but I have been able to meet lots of new people from across the business and have felt really supported.

How do you apply the knowledge and skills you gained during your studies in your job?

Some of the key take-aways from my studies that have been useful in my job include presentation and team working skills, as well as knowledge not just in key marketing areas, but in wider business issues too such as sustainability.

What career advice would you give to current students?

In terms of career advice, I would encourage students to get involved in as much as possible while at university and push themselves to go to different events and meet new people.

What are your future plans / aspirations?

In the future, I hope to successfully finish the commercial graduate scheme and move into a full-time role in the food industry.

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