‘As well as working in marketing, I’m am currently writing a crime novel!’

Lizzie Black studied Business and Management, graduating in 2021.

Lizzie Black

What was your dream job as a child, and what is your dream job now?

As a child – an artist. Now it’s just to be happy and grow. Deep down, I’d love to be an author. I’m just having to juggle a few plates at the minute to make that happen.

Why did you choose the Kent Business School?

Firstly, I love the Canterbury campus and the city. I smile every time I think about it. I chose KBS because of the variety of modules available. Plus, my first impression of the staff was positive as they were so enthusiastic. This continued throughout my studies where they were super helpful and supportive.

What are some of your favourite memories, achievements and experiences?

Getting through university during a pandemic was an achievement in itself! However, I have fond memories of walking around and embracing Canterbury. I also managed to get my current job through my housemate. During my final year, I had the opportunity to blog for KBS which I thoroughly enjoyed.

What have you been up to since graduating?

Apart from work, I’ve continued posting on my blog which I started during my placement year, as well as my YouTube channel. I’ve travelled to parts of the world that I’ve fallen in love with, got a dog, and am now writing a crime novel (currently at about 45K words!).

What does your role involve? What do you like about it the most, and what are the most challenging aspects?

I work in marketing for a procurement technology start-up. Here, I’m responsible for social media management, email marketing and copywriting, amongst other things. I work independently from home, which can be a bit lonely. It’s also a bit challenging having little marketing experience, but I do free courses when I’ve time to up-skill myself.

How do you apply the knowledge and skills you gained during your studies in your job, and what career advice would you give students and fellow alumni?

Placement year has influenced my entire attitude towards my career. It’s encouraged me to do more of the things that make me happy, which I would implore anyone to do. You shouldn’t care about what someone else is doing; your life is for you so enjoy it! And network! Network. Network. Network. Find and surround yourself with people that lift you up and have your back to make life that little bit easier. It definitely helps.

What are your future plans / aspirations?

Professionally, I’d like to go freelance, but still need a few more years under my belt to gain more skills and experience. Personally, I want to publish my book … and travel some more of the world, when I’ve got time!

What advice would you give to current students doing your course?

Change of career plan? Don’t worry! University is the beginning of your adventure – it only gets better. Find out what you like to tailor your studies and choose modules that interest you. Do more things in life for you – the future you will thank you for it!

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