‘My ability to learn and retain complex information was greatly enhanced by my time at KBS’

Morgan Gladwell graduated from his International Business BSc (Hons) in 2022; he now works at Microsoft as a Cloud Solution Architect (Data and AI).

What was your dream job as a child, and what is your dream job now?

As a child probably to become a footballer, or to work with computers! I got the second one in my current role, which is something that although I considered as a child, I didn’t think I would ever do! My dream job now would be something to do with data science and international business, although I am still figuring that out!

Why did you choose Kent Business School?

I chose Kent Business School (KBS) because of the emphasis placed on getting real-world work experience during your degree and for the specific modules on the International Business course. I felt nowhere else offered anything similar and after coming on to campus and experiencing everything that Kent had to offer – I was sold. 

What are some of your favourite memories from your time at Kent?

In my first year, some of my flatmates and I spontaneously decided to go to Paris – I had never done anything like that and it was one of the best days at University. I also always enjoyed the summer ball as it was a great way to let off steam at the end of exam season and to spend time with friends.

What about your greatest achievement?

Getting the Director of Studies Prize at the end of my fourth year was amazing and getting my original placement at Microsoft.

What have you been up to since graduating?

After graduation I spent lots of time relaxing and travelling, before starting my graduate job back at Microsoft, as a Data and Artificial Intelligence Cloud Solution Architect. Although this is completely different to my degree, I still feel I can apply the knowledge I gained at Kent to my job. For example, my ability to learn and retain complex information was greatly enhanced by my time at KBS, and this has helped massively. Also, the ability to look at things from a business-first lens, as opposed to that of a technical lens, has been invaluable.

Tell us about your role?

My role involves helping companies use Microsoft’s Cloud, Azure. This could be leading architectural design sessions, developing proof of concepts/pilots, or delivering technical workshops; there’s a lot of variety. I really like that I have the chance to learn more about topics I am passionate about, such as machine learning and data science, along with the opportunity to take industry leading exams within this area. Coming into something as technical as this with my ‘international business’ background has been the most challenging part, but taking on lessons in resilience learned at KBS, I feel equipped to do anything.

What advice would you give to current students doing your course?

Reach out to alumni on Linkedin! I did this and had many interesting conversations with people in a wide range of companies. I actually got an internship in a completely different field to tech, which really widened my perspective. I would also try and get involved in as many different things as possible, whether this be with societies, or academia. And put a lot of time into networking, and be a life-long student! 

What are your future plans / aspirations?

I would like to continue in a technical role, perhaps going deeper into machine learning or software engineering.

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