Kent Business School’s Alumni Virtual Soundbite – FinTech

A team of experts made up of academics and alumni members met for Kent Business School’s FinTech Virtual Soundbite.

More than 60 attended the online event, and the audience included KBS alumni, current students, prospective students, and local businesses.

You can watch the recording of the panel show here.

Our panel, consisting of Dr Hirbod Assa, Fintech course leader at Kent Business School, former students and successful finance workers Chibunga Mupwaya and Sohaib Ahmed discussed important issues and questions in the field of Fintech.

Topics discussed included the Covid-19 pandemic and the progress of FinTech, cryptocurrencies and regulation, amongst others.

Sohaib said: ‘It was with the utmost privilege that I found myself speaking alongside esteemed individuals, Chibunga Mupwaya and Hirbod Assa on a panel exploring the profound impact of FinTech in our contemporary world.

‘I am deeply grateful to Katie Wells-Hursey from University of Kent, Kent Business School for arranging this invaluable webinar, and I trust that the audience discovered it to be as enlightening as I did.’

Chibunga said: ‘Our scope of focus was the growth of Fintech’s and Cryptocurrencies within our market and our employment journey thus far as former finance students of Kent Business School.

‘I would like to thank KBS for inviting me and arranging this insightful event that attracted current students, alumni’s, faculty members and even industry leaders. For all the attendees who joined in on our session, I hope you found it as enriching as I did, and I look forward to participating in more events such as these in the future.’

We thank our panellists and all of those who tuned in for the event.

Fintech is changing the financial world – from Cryptocurrency, coding and artificial intelligence to smartphone use in banking and investments. Simply put, Fintech is the technology that works with financial exchanges. Study Fintech at Kent, and be part of the future.

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