Solving real world business challenges in Greece

Kent MBA students working with different businesses across Athens, as part of our MBA International Challenge

MBA students at the Acropolis

Last week, 32 MBA students from Kent Business School completed their International Challenge in Athens, organised in conjunction with Alba Business School, part of the American College of Greece.

Working in groups, having been briefed a few weeks before on the specific challenges of six different companies – Billys, ConOpti, Deliverback, Micrel Medical Services, Shiplemon and Sipit – they had already met the company representatives online and done a lot of research and analysis before leaving the UK.

MBA students at Alba Business School

On arrival in Athens, they met with their companies again, this time in person, and continued to work on their specific briefs throughout the week, before presenting their conclusions on the Friday morning back at Alba. In between, the students also enjoyed a workshop given by Alexis Komselis, Director of the Alba Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development and Teaching Fellow, and a lecture by Professor Kostas Axarloglou, Dean of Alba Business School and Professor of International Business and Strategy, as well as experiencing some of the incredible culture and hospitality that Greece is renowned for.

Students at Marina Flisvos

A welcome dinner was enjoyed at Nisos Flisvos restaurant at Marina Flisvos on the Paleo Faliro coastline on the Tuesday evening. Whilst on Wednesday afternoon, the students enjoyed a bespoke team building cooking experience organised by Vouryia at the beautiful venue of Attica Botanical Park in Koropi, a short drive from Athens.

Collecting herbs at Attika Botanical Park

Of course, no trip to Athens would be complete without a guided tour of the Acropolis (featured top) and Acropolis Museum, so that’s where the group headed on Thursday afternoon. Lots of photo opportunities later, the group dispersed so that students could explore the city for themselves. Some deciding to stay local, others venturing further afield.

After the final presentations on Friday, the programme ended with a farewell dinner at the roof top restaurant, Greek House Attikos with amazing views of the Acropolis. What better place to view the sunset over the city?

Students having dinner in rooftop restaurant near the Acropolis

Of the whole experience, MBA student, Soumashree Chandra (pictured below, third from left, with ‘Team Sipit’) said: “This has been a fantastic learning opportunity and a key turning point in my career growth that has fuelled my interest business strategy and consulting. I’m excited to put the newfound information and abilities to use in the corporate world.”

Team Sipit presenting at Alba Business School

Fellow student, Ekene Nwizu agrees saying, “Our engagement with Billys was an extraordinary experience that went beyond consulting. Working in Greece allowed us to immerse ourselves in the rich culture, embrace new perspectives, and forge lasting connections with the local community. It was an opportunity to showcase the prowess of Kent Business School’s MBA programme and its commitment to nurturing global business leaders.”

Sooraj Viswanath (pictured below, fourth from left) was equally impressed stating, “During the International Challenge in Greece, we witnessed the truth in the professional proverb: ‘Fortune favours the bold.’ As participants, we embarked on a transformative journey encompassing exploration, collaboration, and the courage to embrace new horizons. The event gave us invaluable opportunities to expand our business acumen, immerse ourselves in a multidimensional culture, and forge meaningful connections. Reflecting on our experience, we can confidently say that our boldness was rewarded, and this Challenge has left an indelible mark on our professional journeys.”

MBA students relaxing with wine

The International Challenge is one of four MBA Challenges that make the MBA at Kent Business School so relevant in the current global world. It takes the learning to another level and allows the students to make even more important contacts for their future growth.

For more information on our MBA, why not attend an online MBA briefing. It’s a great way to find out what happens throughout the course and speak to current students about their experiences.


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