‘The teaching staff bring a wealth of experience to the classroom’

By Charlotte North

Bharat Agrawal is from India and is studying MSc Finance with aspirations to one day start his own venture. We caught up with him in between lectures at the Sibson Building to find out more about his course and his ambitions.

Who Inspires you?

My greatest inspiration is my father. He has always dreamed big for me and placed an unwavering trust in me. No matter what decisions I make, he never denies me his support.

What were you doing before MSc Study?

Before pursuing my MSc studies, I studied a degree in automobile engineering which helped me develop technical skills. Following that, I started my own business in repackaging engine lubricants. However, I soon realised the importance of acquiring knowledge in the field of finance, which prompted me to pursue further education.

Why the University of Kent?

I made a competitive decision in choosing the University of Kent because I was specifically looking for a CFA-accelerated curriculum. Although there were many options available to me in the UK, I sought advice from my mentor, who is a professor, regarding the best curriculum for my goals.

He helped me understand the skills that are currently in high demand in the finance field. Based on his guidance and my research, I found that the curriculum offered by the University of Kent aligned well with my career aspirations, so I ultimately decided to enrol in the course.

How did you feel on your days at university in the UK?

I was excited to start a new chapter in my academic journey and eager to learn as much as possible from the course. I was a bit nervous about adapting to the new environment and meeting new people but I was determined to make the most of my time at the university.

What helped you settle in?

I found that connecting with other students on my course and sharing our experiences helped me to settle in. Attending orientation sessions and events that provided information about the university and the resources available to students also helped me get more familiar with the campus and feel more at ease.

I also love exploring the surrounding area and getting to know the local culture and community, it has made me feel more comfortable and helped me feel like I belonged.

How have you found MSc Finance so far?

In my experience, the course has a strong focus on the practical application of finance, which I appreciate. The teaching staff are knowledgeable and bring a wealth of experience to the classroom. I would describe the course as being structured around learning outcomes, which has helped me to stay focused on what I need to achieve.

The assessment methods are well-designed and effective in measuring my understanding of the material. Overall, I would recommend the course to others who are looking for a practical and outcomes or a focused approach to learning about finance.

What’s been your highlight so far?

I have found the career and employability services and well-being services at the University of Kent to be incredibly useful. Whenever I had questions about my course, career, or personal life, the staff were always available to offer guidance and support.

The well-being services offered resources and support for managing stress and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, which was crucial for me. Overall, I would say that the support and resources provided by the university have been a highlight of my experience so far.

How have you changed as an individual since you started the course?

I have become more independent and confident in my abilities. I have also learned to manage my time and workload more effectively which is an important skill.

What are you career goals?

In the short term, I aim to secure a position at a big-four firm that will challenge me and allow me to continue learning and growing in my field.

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