‘I hope to empower black heritage students aiming for careers in the corporate world’ 

By Charlotte North

Joy Nyarko is studying BSc Accounting, Finance and Economics. She wants to help black heritage students like herself find their footing in the financial sector through her work as Campus Ambassador for SEO London. 

As a Campus Ambassador for SEO London: a UK-registered charity that aims to support and mentor underrepresented groups, Joy is committed to changing the narrative. 

She says: ‘SEO London is a charity championing the cause of underrepresented groups. Through the charity, eligible students receive guidance on interview techniques, applications, and a network to help secure work experience. I found out about them through a friend at university and knew I wanted to do more to promote everything they do.’

With their help and advice alongside another charity called 10,000 Black Interns, Joy has been able to gain valuable work experience at financial institutions like Standard Chartered Bank and Schroders.  

‘Both work experience opportunities allowed me to experience different divisions and engage with professionals from diverse business areas. I got to do lots of hands-on work, like delving into simulated acquisition cases which really helped me to apply the learnings of my degree.’ 

The internships have also opened her eyes to the importance of ethics and social sustainability in finance and the future in these areas of enterprise.

‘At Standard Chartered Bank, we got to hear from their Head of Sustainability which showed me the changes that were going on in the industry, which was really interesting,’ Joy says.

Joy is now looking forward to a summer internship at Goldman Sachs where she hopes to further expand her understanding of the finance world. 

Joy explains: ‘I’ve always been guided by the wisdom instilled by my parents; they have always embraced the belief that “the sky is the limit.” In the long term, I want to try to elevate financial literacy and broaden the opportunities available to my community.’

Driven by her commitment to inclusivity, Joy is hoping to spread the word about organisations like SEO London to her cohort. 

She says: ‘If more people could use these organisations to help them get viral experience on their CV, it will ensure that city jobs become bastions of diversity and equality.’ 

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, Ltd. (SEO London) is a UK-registered charity delivering superior educational, training, and mentoring support to young people from underrepresented and underserved backgrounds. Find out more.

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