Student Ambassador, Simran: ‘I feel so lucky to have experienced such a hands-on department’

Spotlight on our Student Ambassador, Simran Mehta

Simran is studying Accounting and Finance with a Year in Industry. She is also one of our fantastic Student Ambassadors. Read about her experience of studying at Kent Business School.

What surprised you the most about studying at Kent Business School?

Before joining Kent, I was apprehensive about the independence university life would bring, especially academically. However, I found the staff, lecturers and academic support is phenomenal. They really care! It’s hard enough being away from home, but to be away from home, confused about what you are learning about and overwhelmed by how much work to do is not easy. That’s why I feel so lucky to have experienced such a hands-on department, there is so much support from the KBS team and from the materials we are given. I could talk to and email questions to lecturers, discuss how to tackle the workload and so much more. The support I received wasn’t just while I was on campus but also whilst on my placement year, which made me feel part of the community even from home. Everyone has always been friendly and so happy to help!

What do you love the most about studying Accounting and Finance?

My course has widened my knowledge and broadened my horizons, exposing me to factors that can be seen within every market and economy, workplace and generally in life too. The course has a fixed curriculum for the first two years so your basic knowledge and understandings are set with a solid foundation ready for stage 3.

Tell us about your social life at Kent

In my first year, I joined the Hindu Society, Yoga society and Kent Bollywood Dance. Being a part of Kent Bollywood Dance Society allowed me to be a part of an extravaganza to showcase the dances I had learned over the year, this was entertaining and took me out of my comfort zone whilst at university. I have made so many lifelong friends from these societies and memories that will last forever. In my second year, two of my friends and I started our own society called Kent Bhangra Team. This allowed us to teach bhangra and showcase our talents whilst keeping active, it was a great way to meet new people and be a part of something more than just my course.

What do you wish you knew before you started at Kent Business School that could have helped you prepare?
One skill I wish I had worked on prior to university is time management. Especially when it comes to coursework, the results speak for themselves – taking the time to sit, plan and work out next steps for an essay, as opposed to rushing it a couple of days before, produces a much clearer piece of work. Setting that time aside for it allows space for improvement, which is one thing there is never enough of.

In my first year, I saw my university timetable and thought I had free time. That “free” time is best used for reading around subject matters- the curriculum is there as an outline – it’s your job to learn and explore more. Learn to ask questions and research more around subject matters so you have that depth of knowledge to take you further when it comes to adding context.

Where do you want your degree and experience to take you after you graduate?

After I graduate, I wish to be an independent financial advisor. Fortunately, I have managed to secure a graduate scheme at a financial management company. This will take me through the process to be able to provide advice and guidance to clients along with all the knowledge I have leant from my various modules at university. I aim to reach the top 400 financial advisors within the UK.

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