Student Ambassador, Laurice: ‘I’m grateful for the number of opportunities available here.’

Spotlight on our Student Ambassador, Laurice Janielle Bagasbas

Laurice is studying Business and Management with a Year in Industry and is one of our fantastic Student Ambassadors. Read about her experience of studying at Kent Business School.

What surprised you the most about studying at Kent Business School?
I’m always going to be grateful for the number of opportunities available here. There’s so much to explore within the content that my uni modules have to offer, as well as being able to join internal schemes like the ambassador programme … and recently I joined the Business Start-Up journey programme, which so far is inspiring but challenging too.

What do you love the most about studying Business and Management?
I love how engaging and encouraging the lecturers are. Most are always open for questions and discussions, which makes learning in class a lot more memorable and exciting for me. Currently, my favourite modules are Retail Sales Management and Economics – both make waking up for 9am lectures worth it!

Tell us about your social life at Kent. 
Last summer, I applied for an editorial role at the University’s student media group, InQuire. Being a part of the newspaper has allowed me to meet so many new students from different communities and I really enjoy getting to know their stories and being able to share them. Frequently, I commute to the Canterbury Campus to conduct interviews or go into the Student Media Centre to edit the paper!

I also work as an Outreach Officer for the #RespecttheNo student group, promoting consent and safety around campus. When I’m not out and about in Canterbury, you can bet that I’m at the Drill Hall Library catching up on lecture notes or having bubble tea with my flatmates on Gillingham High Street.

What do you wish you knew before you started at Kent Business School that could have helped you prepare?
Since I’m doing a Year in Industry as a part of my course, I wish I was more prepared for how intense, overwhelming and nerve wrecking the application process can get. Knowing about the resources and services the university provides really helps and getting a head start for sure eases the agony.

Where do you want your degree and experience to take you after you graduate?
I’ve always wanted to work in publishing and media. Something creative for sure. I want to be able to start up or help manage a business operating in one of those industries, and hopefully one day provide support for the communities I care about.

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