BSc Finance and Investment graduate: ‘I apply financial analysis principles on a daily basis’

Elias Benaata studied BSc Finance and Investment, graduating in 2021. He is now embarking on a new path which will see him managing the investments and financial affairs of high-net-worth clients.

What was your dream job as a child, and what is your dream job now?

As a child, my dream job was to be a pilot. However, in high school after doing an internship in the Dubai stock exchange, my dream job changed to banker.

Why did you choose the Kent Business School?

I chose Kent Business School because of its good reputation in the UK, the programme was a key decider for me, I really liked the fact that many facets of finance are taught to students, such as corporate finance, portfolio management, behavioural finance, etc.

What are some of your favourite memories, achievements, and experiences?

Some of my favourite memories from Kent include spending late nights with my friends working on coursework, participating in various finance-related events, and being part of a diverse and supportive community of students and faculty.

What have you been up to since graduating?

Since graduating from Kent, I have completed a master’s in Finance at King’s College London this September, and I have been offered a place in a wealth management graduate program in Zurich, Switzerland.

What does your role involve? What do you like about it the most, and what are the most challenging aspects?

My role in wealth management will involve managing the investments and financial affairs of high-net-worth clients. I will really enjoy the opportunity to work with clients to help them achieve their financial goals.

How do you apply the knowledge and skills you gained during your studies in your job, and what career advice would you give students and fellow alumni?

The knowledge and skills I gained during my studies have been invaluable. I applied financial analysis techniques and portfolio management principles on a daily basis in my internships. My advice to students and alumni is to stay curious and always be willing to learn. Also, I would advise them to attend multiple networking events during their studies.

What are your future plans / aspirations?

In the future, I hope to continue to grow my career and explore opportunities in portfolio management and private equity.

What advice would you give to current students doing your course?

My advice to current students is to take advantage of all the opportunities that Kent and the Business School have to offer, including career sessions, study abroad programmes, and extracurricular activities. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help or guidance from professors and mentors.

Elias studied BSc Finance and Investment at Kent Business School. Find out more about the course, here.

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