TFL General Management Apprentice: ‘It will set you up for life’

Max Van Den Berg is taking a Level 6 General Management Apprenticeship with Kent Business School, working for TFL Santander Cycle Hire as Operations Manager. To celebrate National Apprenticeship Awareness Week 2023 we caught up with Max to find out more.

‘I choose a degree apprenticeship as I wanted to go straight into the working world but study at the same time.With an apprenticeship, you get the best of both worlds. Your degree is paid for by your employer and you learn as you earn. Really, it will set you up for life.

A typical day is Santander operations team is never the same. We have over 14,000 bikes in the fleet at over 8,000 stations in London and it’s my job to make sure it goes to plan and make sure that customers have enough bikes to choose. I also have to ensure that enough of the docking stations are free for customers to return the bikes.

My experience of paid work and study has been absolutely phenomenal. One day a week I go to university and then I can bring into the workplace what I’ve learned and vice versa.

One of the main things I’ve learned in my degree apprenticeship is all about leading people. I’ve learned people management, how to deal with disciplinary action, communication, inspiring and motivating people amongst other things.

The highlight of my degree apprenticeship has been given amazing projects to lead on, the University and employer believe in my ability. I’ve got to work on other projects such as London Overground, transferring trains from depot to depot. It was really great fun.

There is also a lot of prospects for a future career with the company. I hoping to get a job in London Overground in Operations once my apprenticeship is finished!

My experience has been great, I really want to educate people on how amazing degree apprenticeships really are –  even though its hard work, you will be fully supported by the university and your employer and they really want the best for you.

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