Student Ambassador Dimitrios: ‘We learn the importance of seizing every opportunity and showcasing our skills’

Spotlight on our Student Ambassador, Dimitrios Chastas

Dimitrios is studying for a BSc in International Business. Read about his experience of studying at Kent Business School.

What surprised you the most about studying at Kent Business School?

For me, it was the reputation of the University of Kent – KBS acts as an international hub for ambitious business students. In addition, the course structure combines both academic depth and perspectives of real businesses.

What do you love the most about your course?

BSc International Business at Kent is an excellent structured course – it delivers all the necessary approaches and ways of thinking that we need as future graduates, as well as giving us a great development of skills required for the job market.

Tell us about your social life at Kent. 

During my 3 years at Kent, I have made lifetime bonds with people, not just from my course but from across the Business School. I have developed a highly diverse social circle and, with them, I enjoy the social life this University and city offer. Additionally, the wide variety of academic and non-academic societies of which I am a member (Consulting Society, Business Society, Economic Society, European Society and Greek Society), greatly help me to develop further my friendships and connections.

What do you wish you knew before you started at Kent Business School that could have helped you prepare?

After completing the International Baccalaureate in Greece, the only doubt I had, before coming to Kent, was whether I would be able to cope with the university level education and combine it with my new social life. I managed both, partly thanks to the Kent Student Support and Kent Union who were there to guide me when I needed them, whether my issue was academic or a personal one.

Where do you want your degree and experience to take you after you graduate?

After graduating from Kent Business School, I think I have all it takes to start a career in management consulting for a Multinational Entreprise and, later, I am particularly interested in specialising in mergers and acquisitions organisations. My goal is to work for a sustainable and ethical employer and be able to travel and apply the management approaches that I have started to develop at Kent Business School.

Tell us about your experience of being a student ambassador for KBS

Being an ambassador is a great opportunity for a student. Here at KBS, we learn the importance of seizing every opportunity and showcasing our skills. This is why, when I first heard about the job opening, I was very happy to represent my university and talk about my experiences here to prospective students at the Open Days.
Talking with people interested in joining Kent and answering their questions from a student’s point of view, means I can give prospective students great insight into KBS courses as well as what university life is like. It also helps us, as student ambassadors, to develop our own communication skills. My experience working as a student ambassador is not restricted to working but it extends to training too. The ambassador training sessions and workshops are an interesting aspect of the role and one that will be useful for me as I begin my career.

Dimitrios is studying BSc International Business. Find out more about the course here.

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