Accounting and Finance Alumna: ‘KBS pushed me to reach my potential’

Melina Mouzouri graduated from her Accounting and Finance BSc (Hons) in 2022. She has now started her ACA training at Deloitte in Cyprus, where she is from.

What was your dream job as a child, and what is your dream job now?

As a child I dreamed of becoming a ballerina but growing up I became attracted to accountancy because of the opportunities and flexibility the field offers. I am now in the early stages of my career, but my goal is to become a qualified Chartered Accountant (ICAEW).

Why did you choose Kent Business School?

I was first introduced to Kent Business School (KBS) by my father who is also an alumnus and had only good experiences to share. After doing my own research, I realised that KBS still has an excellent reputation, and I would receive a first-class education here.

Please share some of your favourite memories

Kent pushed me to reach my potential both as a high-achieving student and a future professional. Undoubtedly, something I will never forget is receiving my Director of Studies award in the final year of my degree, which ended in the most beautiful way, this chapter of my life.

What have you been up to since graduating?

While at Kent I was offered a training contract with Deloitte and started my ACA training within two months of graduating. I am currently at the second stage of my training while also gaining hands-on experience of working in the audit department of a ‘Big 4’ firm in Cyprus.

What does your role involve?

I am engaged in the audits of various companies, mainly in the shipping sector. This involves examining the clients’ systems and performing procedures on balances and transactions disclosed in the clients’ financial statements in order to assess the risk of material misstatements.

How do you apply the knowledge and skills you gained during your studies in your job?

The broad foundation gained from my BSc in Accounting and Finance has helped me to kick-start my career, especially in my ACA training. Not only did the degree focus on academic knowledge, but it also helped me to develop important soft skills. For example, the team-working skills gained in group work, together with the time-management skills required to meet deadlines, were an accurate representation of real-life working in this industry.

What are your future plans?

I aim to become a qualified accountant and to successfully climb the corporate ladder, which includes continuous learning, meeting targets and forming business relationships with people from different backgrounds and professions.

What advice would you give to current students?

My biggest tip is don’t be afraid to express your own opinion but also learn to respect, consider and analyse opposing views. Enjoy your university life while also focusing on giving the best of yourself to your studies. I know it can get stressful but when you walk down the aisle at Canterbury Cathedral holding your degree, you’ll appreciate that all the hard work was 100% worth it. Remember, you are doing this for you!

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