Student blogger, Laurice: ‘Business is such an explorative subject’

In her latest blog post for KBS, Laurice reflects on her Business and Management degree so far and the paths she feels it will lead her on.

If you’ve seen my introduction from a few months ago, then you’re probably familiar with the fact that I’m currently a second-year Business and Management undergraduate – loud and proud! I’m Laurice Janielle, KBS Student ambassador and resident student blogger. Based on the Medway campus, I moved for uni around over a year ago from Dubai.

Originally, I wanted to study Journalism and Media. I always had, since my grandfather put the idea in my head that I’d be a great reporter at age 8. In reality, I think he said that just because I was a really talkative child. But anyway, having studied at a heavily STEM-focused school and performed fairly well, my parents hoped that I’d take up medicine. I almost did.

Laurice was appointed resident blogger for KBS this academic year

Business and Management, I later discovered would allow me to branch out into different fields. Economics was another option for me and was hoping to have that as my background in journalism, but after exploring some entrepreneurial opportunities in secondary school, such as our annual bake sales and external start-up workshops, I eventually came to the conclusion that a degree in business would be a great foundation for a creative soul like mine.

After receiving my offer at Kent, I was nervous to be surrounded by peers that would have already done business for their A levels before. Thankfully, the transition during the first year went smoothly. KBS covers topics from the ground up so no one really gets left behind. In the end, you get equipped with the same level of knowledge and skillset as everyone else, however now, it’s been great to be able to pick my own modules and personalise my degree.

For Stage 2, I selected Economics for Business 2, which was a continuation of the compulsory Economics module everyone takes in their first year. I really enjoyed the pedagogical approach to teaching our lecturer, Dr. Zarak Mirza equipped. Admittedly at times, it was a struggle to attend 9 AM workshops, but the confidence and understanding you gain after each one makes it so worth it. Dr. Mirza made it very easy to ask questions and that really helped me engage with the material.

Debbie Kemp heads up Retail Sales Management which has really interested Laurice

Retail Sales Management, led by Debbie Kemp, was another optional module I chose. I really appreciated how she brought in her own experiences working in the retail industry. It definitely made the course content feel more relevant and relatable. I found a new interest in keeping up-to-date with Business related news and our classes were so thought-provoking that I’d often reflect on the news clippings I read from a month ago. Today, I’ve become much more observant and critical of store setups, and that adds such an interesting layer to my shopping experience now – thanks, Debbie!

In preparation for my Year in Industry placement, I’m grateful and relieved to be able to include these modules as evidence of the new skills and knowledge I’ve acquired (it really does help spice up my application!)

This course has given me fresh new perspectives about how our world operates and I believe that growth has translated itself into the work I do as a writer. I’ve become more attentive and appreciative of day-to-day things, both great qualities to have for any artist.

Artist or not, business is such an explorative subject. Because of how varied and mouldable the course structure is, everyone’s learning experience is different, unique, and guaranteed to be knowledgeable nonetheless. Soon you’ll become a ‘jack of all trades’, in a room full of doors to opportunities.

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