Meet Laurice – Kent Business School’s Brand New Resident Blogger!

Laurice Janielle Bagasbas is studying Business and Management with a Year in Industry on the Medway campus. The keen writer is our blogger this academic year, bringing with her copious amounts of writing experience from her work on Kent’s student publication, InQuire.

Why did you choose to study in the UK?

I went to a British curriculum school in Dubai, with the UK integrated in our education I was exposed to England, its history and geography early on. So as a kid, I romanticised life in the UK. Particularly London and other historical areas, so Kent seemed perfect.

Why KBS?

It took a lot of research, but I had help from my counsellors at an educational institute in Dubai who had good things to say about the Business School. When I read about KBS, the Selfie year (self-employed year in industry) option on the Business and Management with a Year in Industry, really sold it to me. It seemed different and innovative.

I also liked that the assessment methods on the course were a mix of creative things like podcasts and group projects, not just tests which is perfect for me as I love experimenting with different things.

An image of the historic dockyard in Chatham
Our new blogger loves the quiet harbours close to Medway campus

How does life here compare to Dubai?

Dubai is already very multi-cultural, but I found that there’s even more diversity here and I’ve met some really interesting people. Because Dubai is a Muslim country, culture there is reserved so the biggest change for me was the openness and liberty here, which is refreshing. It’s much greener too, I love that about the UK – even the rain hits a soft spot because it reminds me of back home in the Philippines where my family are from.

Why Business and Management?

I originally wanted to study journalism. I’ve always loved to write and explore the news and share stories from communities around me. Seeing how the media industry is progressing though I wanted to take up a course that gave me more options but allowed me to be creative at the same time. I’ve also always had random business ideas growing up, so I’m hoping to get a chance to explore those too.

When did you start at InQuire?

I attended a few meetings from my first year at university but didn’t really have the confidence to keep it consistent. Actually, I found out about the publication while I was researching during my application process and knew I definitely wanted to be involved at some point. I got the chance to apply for an editorial role a few months ago and I’ve been working with a team of student writers since! It’s based at Canterbury, but I can easily get the shuttle bus from Medway to attend meetings, conduct any interviews and work at the Student Media Center with the team.

Laurice is a KBS Student Ambassador

Why did you become an ambassador and blogger for KBS?

From the minute I got here, I have really enjoyed Kent. I wanted to be a part of giving that back to existing students and incoming students by making sure they know what the school has to offer and if it’s what they’re looking for, so they can have an equally enjoyable time here at Kent.

Blogging seemed like a great opportunity to practice my writing skills while building some experience on my CV. I’m really excited to help share the voices of the student community this year.

Tell us something we don’t know, but should know about campus life?

There’s a beautiful pier behind the Pier Quays apartment blocks that my flatmates and I often go to for late-night walks. The beauty of the silent harbour against the skyline is breath-taking, and it’s a peaceful place to walk around or go for a jog. I tend to stick to an audiobook, or I bring my journal to write for a bit.

What’s your grand plan for the future?

I love all things creative and I love working with people, so perhaps something that brings together those things with my business education. Ideally, I’d love to start up a business of my own and run a media company.

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