Student Ambassador Betzy: ‘KBS really encourages us to think about our futures’

Spotlight on our Student Ambassador, Betzy Moore

Betzy is studying for a BSc in International Business with a Year Abroad. Read about her experience of studying at Kent Business School.

What surprised you the most about studying at Kent Business School?

The thing that has surprised me the most about studying at KBS is the amount of support and opportunities there are for students to develop their knowledge and employability skills. From the employability points scheme to the support from the careers team, I feel like Kent Business School really encourages us to think about our futures.

What do you love the most about studying International Business?

Studying International Business provides an opportunity to discover and understand the different business environments and cultures around the world. I enjoy learning what influences different decisions and why certain strategies would not work in all countries. It provides a wider understanding of the business environment beyond the national scale, which is particularly helpful since many businesses are connected worldwide.

Tell us about your social life at Kent. 

During my first year at Kent, I joined the badminton society as an opportunity to meet new people, stay more active, and develop new skills. In my final year, I have joined the British Sign Language society so that I could learn something new that could be beneficial later in life, especially in terms of communication. I have met lots of people from all walks of life, which has been incredibly enriching as they have taught me a lot.

What do you wish you knew before you started at Kent Business School that could have helped you prepare?

We are asked to complete quite a lot of group projects which was new to me. Different members of the group have varying styles of communication, work ethic, and time management. I would encourage new applicants to think about how to adapt their approach to better ensure that group projects are completed to the highest standard.

Where do you want your degree and experience to take you after you graduate?

Whilst I have not figured out exactly where my degree and experience will take me, I am interested in business analytics and trying different paths to see what will fit me best. My placement taught me that I want to work in a more dynamic and exciting environment, which is something I can look into in the future.

Betzy is studying BSc International Business with a Year in Industry. Find out more about the course here.

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