Growing confidence and employability skills as a student ambassador

Cameron Baird talks to us about his experiences as a student at KBS

What surprised you the most about studying at Kent Business School?

What I was most surprised about when I joined KBS, was how modern and helpful the facilities were around the Business School, such as having our own café area, seats with charging ports, as well as loads of independent areas for study.

What do you like most about studying Marketing?

I love how diverse the course is as it provides many different opportunities where you are able to branch into various specialities within business and marketing. My favourite module so far, for example, has been Psychology of the Contemporary Workplace which is a great module if you have an interest in human resources.

Tell us about your social life at Kent? 

I am a member of Kent’s Drama Society, T24, where once a term there are many opportunities to get involved with acting, producing, and promoting the shows. It is a great way to meet people across different years and different courses, and is also a lot of fun!

What do you wish you knew before you started at Kent Business School that could have helped you prepare?

I wish I had got involved more quickly with all of the extra opportunities available to students within KBS, such as the Aspire lab, as well as becoming a student ambassador. It is a great way to meet individuals on your course and get involved with the University.

Where do you want your degree and experience to take you after you graduate?

After my degree, I am hoping to undertake a graduate scheme in marketing at a firm or, alternatively, join a company which has a focus on event marketing. I have had previous work experience in this area, as well as in event catering when I was younger, and found I enjoyed doing both.

Tell us about your experience of being a student ambassador for KBS

I applied to be a student ambassador for KBS because I was interested in getting involved with the University to help promote the Business School and the opportunities it provides to prospective students. I have enjoyed all the experiences that working as an ambassador has brought and take pleasure in working alongside a team of other students that I’ve got to know, to help give back to the University. I have supported several KBS Open Days where future students come to look around the campus and other facilities at the University – they ask us plenty of questions about our courses, as well as more general questions they might have about attending university. I have also enjoyed being part of a team which goes into local schools. Here, we deliver talks about the courses students can study at KBS. We also run general business activities to help them get started with thinking about potential future courses they might be interested in and business in general.

Being a student ambassador has given me experiences and skills that I will be able to use to boost my future employability and my life in general. It has helped immensely with my confidence in communication and team working skills – as, while being an ambassador, you are constantly meeting and talking to new people who are working together – and with you – to provide the best service possible. Additionally, I feel more knowledgeable about the services and opportunities that KBS can provide, which helps me to take full advantage of the available opportunities to further my education.

Finally, I’d just like to say that being a part of the student ambassador programme has made me feel much more comfortable at university. It helped me meet other students on my course who I didn’t get the chance to meet before. I’m excited to continue working and see what the future holds!

Cameron is studying BSc Marketing. Find out more about the course here.

Interested in becoming a Student Ambassador? Find out more here.

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  1. In today’s younger society, it is VITAL to know how and which direction to go. From apprenticeships to cold calling businesses a place to start, education and qualifications are never a guarantee of employment today. Word and mouth to sticking at it still works the best.

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